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Astrology: 30 September- 4 October

Astrology: 30 September- 4 October

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries:  Considering only own need or worth may portray you as a selfish personality among loved ones. Despite satisfying your own goal, you will mess up with the self-created niche. There is a possibility of an internal tussle with partner or spouse in this period. Ideas will be overflowing but you will not be very comfortable in taking a decision.


Taurus: Luck will turn to you and your effort will play a strong role in this. Strive and obstacles will continuously go hand in hand. Love life may not go smoothly in this period. It’s better to opt for meditation or any of your passion to face situation wisely. Students may perform better. The monetary condition will be moderately good but marital disturbance can be expected.


Gemini:  Pessimistic behavior and opinion about life may doom your peace. Wake-up and rethink before being enveloped in such thought. Despite reaching near to your goal, your satisfaction level will eventually rise-up too high to touch, this can cause botheration in your daily schedule. In short, you must enjoy another side of your opinion about a life i.e. apt blend of worldly pleasure as well as traditional approach.


Cancer:  This period will guide you to think about your relationship, especially about a marital relationship or love affairs. Mars will provoke to awake your destructive emotion, further, it can aggravate your anger. Involve yourself into physical work out. Traveling should be avoided during this period. Financially, a satisfactory week can be faced.


Leo:  This week will bring a very balanced communicative approach. The opponent will bow down before you. You can recover the money which you lent long back. Your public image will improve. Mother’s health may be the reason for concern. Increment prospects may fructify n this period. Your children will be a reason of smile on your face.

Virgo:  Your mind will act more prompt and active than before. You will find this mind would love to move towards the darker side of every event of life this week. Wealth will be accumulated or family expansion can be expected in coming days. Trusting a stranger may fire back to you. You may involve yourself into home décor.


Libra: Luxury, excursion, short trips are there in your agenda, which you would be following irrespective of expenditure. But be careful about the quality of person you are hanging with. You may get involved with a new person in this period. But married people may have disturbed moment this week. Students will experience success. Good news regarding family expansion can be expected.


Scorpio: You will put your best in all your efforts to get the situation settled at the proper place. Eventually, you will be succeeded in your effort. Benefit from everywhere can be expected. This is the best time of achievements from all walks of life except your profession. Luxury and donation, both will go simultaneously in your life.


Sagittarius:  Moving in a good society with influential people can be experienced in this period. Benefits in the form of increment or any other way can be seen in the near future. Your children will be the reason of smile on your face. Planning of investing money or fixing some amount may fructify in this period. A week full of zest and lust is approaching your way.
Capricorn:  A week with hope and inquisitive attitude are moving on your way. Your dilemma about your next move will be continuously disrupting your approach about several issues of your life. Mostly you would like to remain a solitary in this period. Luck will favor you with a bit of obstacle. Still, a peaceful week is in your kitty.


Aquarius:  Prospects of getting monetary benefits, if you are one of the candidates who has been waiting for long, can be expected in this week. But you will have to take your marital happiness at stake. Your long-awaited plan to accumulate money will take an expected shape. If you have already availed loan, then despite you will have money, this time will be little tough to pay it back.

Pisces: This week will continue with the last week’s pattern. Your ambition will be achieved by your hard work for sure. Relation with spouse will not be up to the mark. Financial aspect will be better than satisfactory level. Your children will be the reason for happiness. Overall a good week can be expected.

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