Astrology : 30 December- 5 January


Astrology : 30 December- 5 January

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: This year will begin with a bang of confidence and cheerful appearance among family and friends. Your relation with siblings will be mixed. You will have opportunities to get into illegal or unethical deed, stay careful. You would be feeling to come out of shell and express your individuality and independence in many fields of life which your loved ones are not aware of.


Taurus: You may have lot of plans for New Year eve but you will have to work on yourself to sail through the situation easily and smoothly. Special attention with your partner will be needed to relish the moment. Your desire towards money, money and money will be too much to actually worth spending it. Get ready to get unexpected news.


Gemini: Your focus will be only your partner or spouse. That should not  turn into possessiveness, otherwise this can be annoying. Enjoy the new year even with optimistic aura around. You may have to face with the people with lower IQ than yours, do not lose your patience while dealing. Keep your arrogance and attitude aside to maintain the peace.


Cancer: New year will bring friends from different walk of life. Some of them would be highly jovial while others may have no-nonsense attitude. You will have to maintain the balance between them. Try not to indulge in any new relationship as this may not last long. Health will be one more area to get your attention. Some of you may get news of getting new member in family.


Leo: Avoid any sort of communication to sort out family affair. Ignore few remarks as well to keep peaceful atmosphere around. Your thought will process around either your kids or romance or studies, this all depends on your age and situation around. Success will definitely be on your way. Overall year is going to begin with a bang on mood.


Virgo: You may have dispute with mother. Delay your plan of renovating home. If at all you have any. Meeting people and socializing with them will not give you reason to smile. Go for written communication as much as you can and avoid verbal mode for any serious decision or discussions. Work front will give you satisfaction. You can celebrate new year the best  with your effortless modest approach.


Libra: If you have any legal issue pending for further decision then check your personal running period through your individual chart, and go for further step. At the same time, delay any family issue for final words. This is not right time to take any such decision. You may meet your new partner in this period. Think it at serious note. But married people may have some constraints to enjoy with their partners.


Scorpio: Time to enjoy the new Year eve with loved ones. Gains can be seen through planetary position. You will have a very good family life to cherish the moment forever.  Despite you being off the public, you may arrange some alternate way to relish the moment. Money, luxury and mental pleasure will altogether help you to spend this week with full of happiness.


Sagittarius: The beginning of the New Year eve should not include your dominance over your partner as it shows through planetary position. In short, it is very important for you to maintain your behavior with humble attitude. It may be very cool for you to spend money for opposite gender. Stay careful about your right eye. Diabetic people should be careful.
Capricorn: Taking initiative for any cause will be highlight of your agenda in this week. Your action for any reason will have a reaction for sure. Your courageous and determined step towards your goal will enlighten your way. Opponents will be trying to approach you for some help. Interest in spirituality and at the same time attending parties will be experienced in coming days.


Aquarius: Mercury will move to Sagittarius, this may give you a bit relief at workplace. Still other planets are not giving you green light for the same. Suddenly you will have sense of realization for some mistakes committed by you in past. Your effort to improve relation with loved ones will certainly strike in your upcoming venture. You will take front seat in family to finish certain duties of home.


Pisces: Exchange of Jupiter and Mars is definitely going to bless you with luck. Your relation with mother will improve. Your work place will be a better place in this period. You will enjoy spending time for religious activities or any other spiritual deeds. Financial area will be good. Overall, this near year is bringing a good period for sure.

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