Astrology: 2nd June – 8th June


Astrology: 2nd June – 8th June

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Your plan and strategy will be definitely executed with a bit of bump and humps. Your fearless step towards your duty may puzzle others and you will be in a win-win situation. The family dispute may prevail but you will be able to manage the situation wisely. The journey should be avoided in this period, if possible.


Taurus: This period may create disturbance in the profession or undesirable transfer can be experienced. Despite the adverse condition, you would be able to pass through it swiftly. Leading the family and interfering into the family matter would be challenging for you. This will give you sleepless nights. A dutiful week is approaching you.


Gemini: You will get an opportunity to promote yourself as well as put yourself before the high authority in a better frame. Your inner peace will be missing in this period. Your enemies will be awake again but this will be difficult for them to disturb you.


Cancer: This period will throw a challenge before you. You will face an adverse situation but your self-confidence and determination will help you to surpass it. Students will face indecisive phase towards their choice of career. Planning to travel abroad may finalize in this week. Those, who are into import-export business, may experience benefit and expenditure together.


Leo: This week will enhance your grip overwork which may further be recognized by higher authority. Your appraisal will go in your favor. You will find yourself more agile, hard-working and sincere at the workplace. Meanwhile, ENT problem may arise. Parents may be the reason for concern in this period. Inner happiness will be missing for the time being.


Virgo: The week will start with the same note as it was in the previous week. Aggression and anger will be the main flavor of your persona. By the end of this week, you may get a ray of hope of something which is most awaited for a long time. But your anxiety will be at its peak and you may not be in realizing the mode of your achievements. A better period is coming your way, get up and embrace it with trust.


Libra: Your lord is not in full strength, this may cause health problems. Effect of even weather change will affect your health. Friends will come forward to help you out in many aspects of life. The financial area of life will be good. But married life will be disturbed due to your unplanned decision. The positive side of the week is, your enemy would not be able to face you upfront.


Scorpio: This period is a really challenging period for you and test of your patience. Many situations will come across your life where you may find yourself helpless to take any decision. The only solution to get over this week smoothly is keeping your mouth in control. Unnecessary involvement of yours in certain areas will disturb you more.


Sagittarius: Anxiety for an unusual reason will be the only disturbing thing for you in this week. Your expectation from children may not reach the level. Its effect will reflect on another side of life too.  Your work may get delayed or not at the correct pace. Try to avoid being in haste.  Always remember ‘Slow and steady wins the race’. Even business persons of this sign will get it difficult to get any deal without hassle.


Capricorn: Your lord is in close conjunction with a malefic shadow planet, this may cause detachment and melancholy. Apparently, after a long time you will meet somebody from the opposite gender. But your suspicion approach will still have doubt in any relationship. You will find yourself spendthrift and at times it will be annoying for you.


Aquarius: You will find yourself in a bit relieved mood. Though, your strive will persist, hope will also not be faded away. Your relation with mother will also improve. Your ideas about work may be appreciated in office but this will not give you instant results. Financial condition will also improve or you may get ray of hope of different sources of income.


Pisces: Spirituality and religious beliefs will be imbibed by the situation in you during this upcoming week. Your approach and attitude in public will be more sober and decent than before. Even at the workplace, the situation will go as per your need, if your personal running period supports the condition too. Obstacles may be faced by you while executing some of your vision

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