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Astrology : 2nd December-8th December

Astrology: 2nd December-8th December

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to

Aries: You will have to strive a little more than before to achieve your goal, but your fair moves will make you reach through the righteous path. Income can be assured but its size will not reach your expectation level. Your children will be a cause of concern during this period. Your continuous effort and determination will definitely guide you through your path.


Taurus: Changes, for good, can be foreseen in the relation with family members in this week. Students may have a better mood and opportunity to prove their skill. Some of you will enjoy the success of their children. Stay away from any source of enmity and be careful with your health. Those who are working in the technical field will have a win-win situation in their venture.


Gemini: This week might disturb your inner peace a wee bit. But with your efforts, you will overcome any situation easily. Health needs more care but your creativity and pleasant thoughts will help you to sail through this period. Your financial condition will be moderately good. The professional front will be stable.


Cancer: The opportunity which you have always wanted could come your way. Some unexpected changes you may have to accept as this may prove beneficial for you. Be careful while driving. Spending money on shopping, recreation or luxury will be your goal this week. Your mind will move towards friends, meeting with them and involving yourself with them in outdoor activities can also be expected.


Leo: Planets will be the great savior for you among your hidden enemies. Your workplace may become a battlefield because of your and your colleagues’ conflicting views. No one can stop your winning condition. Your focus will be your home, family and the availability of best of the facilities around. A good week is knocking on your door.


Virgo: This week may bring you a positive result of your positive effort. Be careful and specific about your goal to reach it. But your romantic life will be a toss. Prospects of accumulating wealth can be expected. Despite opinion differences or even personal dispute with a spouse, your married life will be safe. A lukewarm week is approaching you.


Libra: Your outlook will be very positive and politically correct in public but Mars and Saturn will compel you to take rash action at the workplace or around you. Do not ignore your health. If you have even the smallest doubts health, visit your doctor. Financial aspect will be comparatively better. If your promotion, appreciation or increment has been pending, you may expect a nod from management.


Scorpio: Work, work and work… this will be your main agenda for this week. Take care of your personal life too, especially your spouse whether you are taking this relationship for granted. Benefit from siblings or any other source could be possible in this period. But depending on your running Dasha, this benefit may contribute to the bitter relationship too. A busy week can be expected.


Sagittarius: You may not accomplish the expected level of your plans. Initially, you may think of getting success in resolving an issue without any hassle but the situation will make it standstill in its position. Moving towards spirituality or social work may help you to get out of this mess mentally. Overall a moderately satisfying week can be expected.


Capricorn: Isolation and introspection may be part of your wishes, and you will pursue it too. Venus will give you the reason to cherish the shopping for yourself as well as for your home décor. Some of you may get an opportunity to come across the marriage proposal. Students will be very agile in their work and happy too with their own achievements.


Aquarius: You have been going through a good time for the last few months. This may be the reason for your arrogance but now one of your acquaintance may come forward to push you out from your imaginative world and help you to realize the truth. This situation will awake your conscious to reflect on your actions. An introspective week can be assured.


Pisces: Spirituality, you will be at the top position in your preference list. Simultaneously, recreation and excursion will also knock your mind to think and go for it. Your courage to take up any work and justifying it would be definitely appreciable. Detachment or less connection with spouse will be felt in coming days. Work wisely with the situation.

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