Astrology: 29th September-5th October

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Astrology: 29th September-5th October

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Involvement in arguments or family matters may worse in this period. Be careful and safe to protect yourself from any fuss. Your planning will take time to get its execution. Patience is power. Believe it, keep going. Students of this sign will have good time. Marital discord will continue and probably about to end in this week.


Taurus: Those who have been seeking for partner, it is good time to go for it. Avoid telling lie at least with your family and friends.  Irresponsible eating may be the reason of your suffering in this period. Students will have to work harder to achieve their goal. You will get furious even for silly reason. A week to stay careful, is on your way.


Gemini: Beginning of the week will be with moderate change but by the end of the week, you will find a difference in few important points of life. Your concern for mother will be less as it’s on the way of betterment. Professional aspects will be better. Internal happiness will be missing. Friends and elder sibling may give you reason of anxiety.


Cancer:  Week of travelling or short journeys can be expected in this week. Love is in air. You may come across a relationship in this period.  Your enemies will be activated but they won’t be able to harm you. This period is not very supportive for businesspersons. Delay in your dealings for the time being. Otherwise, it’s good for those who are into servitude.


Leo:  Your speech may distort your image before your loved ones. It’s better to give pause to your interaction regarding any sensitive issue for the time being. Written communication should be preferred in this period. Your respect for your partner will be more. But romantic life will not be appreciable. Your thought will not process in a pleasant way.


Virgo:  Temperamental issue will bother you. But the best part of this period will be your communication skill which will control your temperament through words. Mother’s health may be reason of worry. You may experience sudden change at professional front. Your relation with family and friends will be the strongest part of your week.


Libra: Your mind will be very active with lot of ideas. You won’t mind experimenting your ideas. In the process, you may spend money out of proportion. You will have your justification for this expenditure but later you will repent for the same. You may plan for any pilgrimage in this period. It is better to postpone any travelling in this period.


Scorpio: You will get a chance to meet influential people in this period. Your old friends may also come in your contact. “Several ways to earn as well as spend “will be the tag line of this week for you. The main area to improve in this period is your words being used while communicating. Your words may deterred somebody badly.


Sagittarius:  This period is good for you professionally. If promotion was in your wish list, you may get a chance to see the movement in this area. But you will lack happiness from children. You will be very sensitive about relationship in this period. Being in isolation will give you immense pleasure. Go for meditation and self-introspection will appease you more.


Capricorn: This period will give you chance to get an opportunity for professional escalation. You will be in full of pretentious mode in this period. But at the same time, you will be able to manage it diplomatically in public. Financially, it’s a good period for you. Friends will be beneficial for you in this period. Even your boss will be supportive.


Aquarius:  You may have opinion differences or some issue with friends. Your inherited property are going to help you in any form. Some of you are going to adopt a new tradition, culture and religious practice in this period. Trying your hand in lottery or any such thing will be harmful. Lawyers, Bankers or consultants of this sign will be benefitted in this period.


Piscesr: Your mind will be filled with full of ideas. Arrogance will also follow your ideas. This attitude will effect your married life for some extent. Your partner will be more demanding in this week. Either have patience and go with your partner’s suggestion or back out without any harsh arguments. Rest area of life will be good.

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