Astrology: 29th December-4th January


Astrology: 29th December-4th January

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Your interest in occult Sciences will be found more in you. Rash action or sudden action should be avoided. You may think of going for religious activity. In the beginning, you will find it difficult to get your goal. But you are definitely going to enjoy your work. Your words may hurt your loved ones. A moderate week can be expected.


Taurus: You will be travelling or willing to travel in this period. Meeting person from occult Sciences or travelling to Archeological site would really excite you in this period. You will indulge in any family matter or any sort of disputed matter. Try to ignore or delay such discussion for the time being. Be careful about money matters.


Gemini: Feeling isolated in crowd too will be experienced for few days. Love matters may take shape of secret affair. If love affair would not be handled smartly, chances of losing your partner can be expected. Money matter will be moderately satisfactory. You will be happy with your kids. Students of this sign will be doing better.


Cancer: Success in studies but problem with partner will be seen in this period. Stay away from legal matter. If you are planning to avail loan for any reason, avoid it now. Your attitude will be normally pleasant but in sudden spurt, you will get angry. Money matter will be satisfactory. Kids will be the reason of your happiness.


Leo: Old love will get back in your life after long span. You will enjoy your kids as well as friends. Do not forget to take care of your eating habit. Financial sources will be smooth to get in. You may purchase décor items for home. Good news from mother can be expected. Health of partner may disturb you a bit.


Virgo: This week will bless you with courage and determination. But it depends on your individual running period and strength of planets in your own chart, whether this determination you are going to utilize for good reason or bad. Your mood will be pleasant but in public your way of mingling will not be that flexible.


Libra: You will be planning to decorate your home or changing your vehicle. Your attitude will not be stable with loved ones. Your leadership tendency may suffocate others. You will neither be very vocal nor very submissive. This period is not good for romance or relationship. You won’t mind spending money on recreation.


Scorpio: Your words may construct or destruct the relationship. It will be somewhat difficult to manage your temperament and to deal with it. It is suggested to prefer to stay away from any discussion or be extremely quiet. Conjugal life seems disturbed in this period. Businessmen should delay any dealing for next few weeks. A period to walk with fully awaken state is on your way.


Sagittarius: Your emotion may not be in balance if your individual chart is also not supportive. You will be self-centered in your decisions. Your effort to pacify the things may not get the right direction. Your commanding behavior with spouse or partner will definitely disturb your relation. Financial aspects look good.


Capricorn: This period will let you enjoy at its best even in adverse situation. You will spend money and you may enjoy the same. Your friends may be meeting you virtually or in real world after long time. Be careful about words used while communicating with them. Mince the words then speak. Happiness from home or landed property can be experienced in this period.


Aquarius: There is a chance of having anxiety related to your kids or your own studies. Argument with parents is possible. You may have fear of undesirable transfer or problem at workplace. Rash attitude may distort your image among colleagues. You will spend money on luxury for sure. Keep a check on your Blood pressure.


Pisces: After long time your goal will become a bit easier to get. Female friends may get connected. Your life style will be lavish which you won’t mind much to spend money on it. Children will give you reason to smile. Your relation with mother won’t be good. Work pressure will be more. Keep a check on your health.

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