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Astrology : 28th October – 3rd November

Astrology: 28th October – 3rd November

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Creativity and skill will be recognized among your people. Few of you will be involved in a relationship. You can face changes at work or the workplace. Your spouse must be very demanding about your time and attention which may disturb you. Health needs to work out or any alternative medication to get back into a normal position.


Taurus: Your enemies will be activated in this period. Be careful about your image in public. Work or workplace will not be stable. If you have been waiting for an opportunity to travel abroad then this is the right time or you may get a call from abroad.  Patience will solve your almost all problems. Financial aspect may not be very exciting. A lukewarm week can be expected.


Gemini: Journalists of this sign will get more energy, guts, and reason to pen down a lot of controversial issues. In general, also, people of this sign may have a sigh of relief in their profession. Personal life will be little bothered by surroundings. Few of you may plan to nurture your passion again wholeheartedly. Overall a mixed bag of feeling is approaching you this week.


Cancer: Lot of thoughtful ideas and planning will be churning in your mind and this process might be tough but you will finally come out with some nectar. Luxuries will be available but mental restlessness may also prevail to eclipse the pleasure. Your health will also be one of the recent concern.


Leo: Relation with neighbor or siblings may not be reasonable. Additional workload will be there or some of you will feel inconvenience at work. Respect for your partner will be more especially in this period. Your skill will definitely reflect in your work. Mother’s health may be your reason for a disturbance. Take out some time for yourself and go for work out.

Virgo: You may take-up an official trip this week. But for few of you who had been waiting for a job offer, you may have to keep more patients without losing hope. Even an undesirable transfer can be faced. If you try to be more cautious about your emails or other means of communication, this can help you to pass many obstacles without any hitch.

Libra: Friends and fun will be in your main agenda of the week. You will be happy spending money on them. But somewhere inside your heart, you would not feel the thorough pleasure out of all. If you are a student, your plan to go abroad for studies will be fulfilled. Planning for purchasing or building a house in this period is not conducive.


Scorpio: This period will bring you good thought but not well in action. You may become arrogant in your decision and asking others to follow the same. It’s good to sit and introspect your words and action or you may join meditation. ENT may create a problem, stay careful. A non-believer of traditional rituals and leading own path will be your ambition in this period.


Sagittarius: You would prefer to take a front seat in family affairs. Even you may take –up or prefer to take-up pilgrimage in this period. Despite all aspect of your life look positive, you won’t have control over your pessimistic thoughts. Donation or any kind of charity work would excite you. Friends will be very supportive. A good week seems going to knock your fortune.


Capricorn: This week will be full of aggression and agility in action. Try to keep every action within a fine boundary. Friends from different strata and age will come in your life in this period. Boss will be supportive directly or indirectly. You need to work on your patience as everything will come in your life with the slow pace in this phase.


Aquarius: Planning of inflating your bank balance will start moving or fructifying as per strength of your individual horoscope. Relation with mother will also improve. You may spend money on home décor or any other kind of luxury. Technical people will be appreciated in the workplace. Recheck your mail before sending it to your boss.


Pisces: Spirituality will be multiplied manifold in your daily routine. Avoid sarcastic comment even in your general communication. Keep a watchful eye on your health. Your luck will be in your favor abstractly in this phase. Financial aspect will be good but the sense of insecurity about finance will still intact in your mind. A moderate week can be expected.

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