Astrology: 28th April-4th May


Astrology: 28th April-4th May

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Spirituality and unorthodox thoughts both will have a strong confused place in your life. Ultimately, taking lead in any matter including family matter will be the solution of your mental peace. Conjugal life will need more attention to make it peaceful. Your kid will grab your attention more in this period. Students will perform better. Siblings may bother you in any form.


Taurus: Your temperament may act suddenly bad in public. But you will be able to manage it on the very next moment. Friends from different walk of life will come in your life and they may give you some clue of getting the right way to get success in your life. The professional aspect will not go as per your desire. But the monetary part will be satisfactory.


Gemini: This period will give you push in your career. But you cannot ignore the delay in getting the fruit of your effort. Even your desire to work will be more. You may have a conflict with your spouse while some of you will get an opportunity to get close to each other. The legal issue, if it comes, delay or ignore for the next few weeks. Expenses will be more than expected.


Cancer: Your male friends will come forward to enhance your status. Presentation of expressions of yours would definitely be appreciated among your loved ones. Despite a bit obstacle, your work will get done in this period. Physical issues may disturb you. At work, your work will be appreciated. Your boss will also be pretty helpful for you.


Leo: People, those belong to consultation, teaching and hotel industries, may have a financially good time. The religious journey will be very easy for you. Your father’s health or anything of him may be the reason for concern this week. Friends from different background will come across in your life. You will not be mentally peaceful in this period. Overall, a moderate week is knocking your door.


Virgo: Most of the time and concentration of yours will be around marriage or relationship in this period. An extra effort is needed to maintain your relationship. Parents may prove an obstruction in your romantic life. Something which you wouldn’t be able to discuss with everybody. Mixed ideas and thoughts about life will make you restless.


Libra: Health will definitely be one of the main concern of this period. You may have a problem with ENT. Intensity can be defined by your personal running period. Your diligent effort will take you to your goal. An argument with a partner can be expected. Traveling or any new deal should be avoided for the time being. The monetary aspect will be good.


Scorpio: Most of the time, your inclination will be towards establishing a relationship with a partner. Your effort in this aspect would definitely be appreciable. Students of this sign will have mixed results in this period. Stay away from gossiping otherwise you will be caught with a bad note. Try to ignore getting involved in family matters.


Sagittarius: A group of malefic planets will give you a plethora of ideas, execution and restless mind. Be careful about your food to protect your digestion problem. Professionally a good time is reaching you soon. But your kids will keep your happiness at bay in this period. You will enjoy spending money on a vehicle or home décor would give you happiness.


Capricorn: You will handle any kind of situation decently and gracefully. Your opinion and logic about any incident of your life will have an authenticity to convince anybody easily. Your interest in solitude cannot be denied in this period. Confusion overtaking the decision to pursue any relationship further will be really bothering you. 


Aquarius: Friends will be joining you in this period, this can give you inner strength and happiness. Your attitude will get back your loved ones in your life after long. Wealth will be noticeably added in your account. Co-operation from family and friends will give you pleasure. Your condition at work will improve.


Pisces: Planets are going to give to tough time to keep your mind in peace. It’s better to go for or start meditation in this period. Your relation with family may be bitter in this week. Your mother may be a reason of botheration. Or if you are involved in the construction of your home, then you may have to face obstacles in this period.

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