Astrology: 27th October 2nd November

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Astrology: 27th October 2nd November

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Health will be the essential part of your daily routine to have a proper check.  Ego may add aggression in your behavior which can further spoil pleasure of festivity. You need to put an extra effort for every single thing. Your belief in god can be questionable in this period. Traveling will not be fruitful in this period. Financial aspects will be moderately good.


Taurus: After a long time, you would start loving your work. This will disturb your regular schedule. Such situation may lead disturb your personal life. Unmarried people may plan to meet their alliance or finalize their opinion about marriage. Your skill will be on demand at work place. Overall a very good week can be expected.


Gemini: Few situations will raise around you which can provoke you to take strong step against the people around.  Try to avoid legal issues for the time being. Your effort to change or ignore even any big issues can work wonder. Your relationship can suffer the hit of your ego. Marital happiness will be missing in these days.


Cancer: A wise approach in your day-today life will help you to keep your surrounding positive. You will make your path independently, this will surprise your family and friends.  Situation will go in your favour. You can expect sudden gain or news of happiness. Family life will not be up to your expectation. You will face some challenges at work place, but you will be able to manage situation smoothly.


Leo: More work will be expected from you by your boss. Such situation will may create a fear in you. Financial condition may improve in this period. Your leadership quality will be surfaced-up. Friends will be reason of benefits. Your mother can be the reason of your smile. Interest in traditional way of studies or traditional books can be seen in this period.


Virgo: The situation of this week can guide to strive your way alone. Your aggression and ego can be felt by people around. Financial condition will be good. But your style of work may not be appreciated in this period. You may fall in love with some habit or a person which will keep you busy by heart and soul.


Libra: Lady Luck will work in this week. Cross your fingers and respect your lady more. Ego and self-pride and sometime you will enjoy flaunting. Social-work can be in your latest agenda. Rude behavior will be observed with people around. Money can be gained through an old source which had been out of your mind. A week with lot of ups and downs can be experienced.


Scorpio: Time to exchange happiness with family and friends is on your way. But at times, your over thinking will keep you on your toe. Learn to avoid keeping a critical eye on every issue around. A luxurious life style is assured with a restless mind. Your speech may break any relation in this planetary condition. Stay away from any argument.


Sagittarius: Your inclination towards meditation or anything which can keep your awake about yourself or people around. Your work place may not excite you in this period. A short-tempered character can be seen in you. It will be difficult for you to take crap of your boss on your head. Travelling should be avoided in this period.


Capricorn: You may plan to purchase something for home-décor. Spending money for yourself will give you immense pleasure, indeed. Planets show your growth at workplace splendidly. Old friends may come in your contact. But malefic planets will not let you breath peacefully. Students of this sign will also perform well.


Aquarius: After a long time, you will feel it a good time for you in this period. Students will not be able to reach at their goal. Despite some unpleasant condition in your office, you will be able to survive decently. But it cannot be denied that any malpractice at work will neither be ignored not encouraged.


Pisces: Beginning of the week will be lukewarm but as day’s advances, the situation may improve. You may miss comfort level from your spouse. The students of this sign will perform well. Some of you will not be sophisticated in your behavior with loved ones.  A moderate week can be expected.

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