Astrology : 27th January – 2nd February


Astrology : 27th January – 2nd February

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to

Aries: You can expect improvisation in the relationship with your siblings. Even personal life will take a positive turn. But be careful while dealing your kids or love. It may be difficult to get peace within or some of you would like to go away from your monotonous life style. Your income cannot be assured with your expected quantum. A bit better week will be experienced.


Taurus: This period may bother your work flow or break at work can be experienced. Sensible choice of words can be your great savior to retain relationship with loved ones. But if you have been into import-export or foreign related work then a profitable period can be expected. Health can be at toss. Be careful in your habits.


Gemini: ENT issue may occur in this period. Professional front will be up to your expectation. Your temperament may tarnish your image. Rethink before dictating any terms and condition to your loved ones. Your romantic life will improve. Even some of you may plan to tie knot to give a final touch to your relationship. A good week seems knocking your gate.


Cancer: Your partner will be more demanding in this period. But kids or even your own skill will reward you in any form. Be careful with the emotion of your friends as week begins with same pace but by the end of the week chances of bitterness can be sensed. Students or professionals will have good time to witness. The best help for your overall happiness says you either to go for meditation or any such programme which gives your pleasure.


Leo: Seasonal ailments may bother you for the time being. Researchers may have good time. Your home will give you the feeling of home after long time. Professional front will be good . Avoid being rude or raw in your approach with anybody. You would prefer to stay isolated. Financial front will not be very exciting.


Virgo: Do not mess-up with any situation at work or study place as your silly wrong move may toll your work. If you have been already suffering with unemployment then it’s time to show your patience. Health should be kept in the primary position as per need of time. Conjugal life will also be disturbed. You must go for meditation to stay calm and happy.


Libra: Spending your time and money for family will give you immense pleasure. Your spouse will give you strength to face any situation wholeheartedly and happily. If any legal case has been in your pending list, it’s time to give a thought to open the case and fight for your right. But prior to that, you must check your individual running period. In general. It’s time to win any court case.


Scorpio: This week will bring a bit stress related to your marital life. You may have chance to get financial growth in coming period. Keep a check on your attitude whether it is helpful or not. As you may get your image among your loved ones as a selfish individual. Must need to be careful about your siblings and your attitude with them. A mediocre week can be seen.


Sagittarius: Do not take any opponent in lighter note. Each and every piece of message from opponents must be taken under consideration. Your effort may take time to fructify in your life. So, patience is highly expected from you. Expenditure will be more in recreation. But extra attention is required in your action as illegal action of yours would be exposed.

Capricorn: Your communication will add your friends circle. You will experience support of father mentally or financially in these days. Faith on almighty will be more than before. Even expressing emotion and affection to needy people would excite you more in this week. Your aura would be very strong and positive around.


Aquarius: Your temperament will be quiet disturbing for people around including you. Bankers, consultants, Educators or Hoteliers would be in benefit. Your environment at home would be better. Students will try to apply for high education abroad. Your spouse may get foreign assignment or travelling abroad.


Pisces: This period will be easy sailing for you in most of the venture. You will be missing something like peace or happiness inside home. You may imagine disproportionate of the situation around you or your life. You may expect a progeny in this phase. Financial aspect will be moderately good.

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