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Astrology : 25th February 2018 To 3rd March 2018

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One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week: 21st January 2018 to 27th January 2018.  Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Time to be more anxious about the situation which may or may not be actually worth giving much attention.  Your inclination towards friends and extended family may be sensed as your interruption in their lives. Avoid imposing your opinion on others.  Prospects of getting money from some unknown source are very high.

Taurus: Success will come on your way through your communication skill.  But your marital life may not be very comfortable.  But your courageous thought and action will save you from you most of the uncomfortable situations.  Pilgrimage can be foreseen in coming days.  A businessperson will have a good time in terms of deals or be maintaining further business relation.

Gemini: After a long span, your relation with younger sibling seems to improve. Even you will experience a successful traveling during this period. Your temperament will be the only blemish in this planetary situation.  In the mid of this week, you may be in some illusion but will come out of it very soon. Overall, a festive week can be seen.


Cancer:   This planetary condition shows the vulnerability of health but its intensity will be specified by person’s individual running period. If you have been waiting for some time then this is the time when you may expect a  news related to expecting a baby. Technical professionals will also have a successful time in this week.


Leo: Your public image will be a very much sensitive area of concern for you in this period. Your relation with an elderly person can be seen. Married people may have ego issue with a partner. Your opponents at workplace will be activated behind your back. Do not trust anybody’s fake word or actions. Overall a lukewarm week is approaching you.


Virgo:    This phase of life will give you immense courage to take even gigantic steps to grab pleasure and happiness in life.  Word of caution for this period is: Do not trust any new friend who doesn’t belong to your religion or a different nationality. You have been going through the best period in a workplace. Overall a  good week can be predicted.


Libra: Your endeavor to get your goal would be a way more successful than expected.  If you have been planning to avail loan then drop it for the time being.  Students may have a good time in getting recognition among peer groups.  Those, who have been into a relationship since long, a possibility of turning into marital relation in this period.


Scorpio: You will be more into action than sheer communication. Mingling with strangers or relatives also would give you joy.  Your belief in the traditional approach of life may not be very positive and this can cause you to keep yourself away from regular rituals and move towards living a modern lifestyle.  A week to accept a challenge and work on it can be assured.


Sagittarius: Anxiety, over-confidence and subdued approach may blend in your overall behavior throughout the week.  Moving towards unethical deeds looks easy for you during this period.  Some of you may pursue an illegitimate relationship with conviction.  Travelling should be avoided or delayed.  Careful interaction with siblings is a highly required attitude in this week.


Capricorn:   This period will be one of the smooth sailing and successful phase of life. This should be preserved and utilized at its best. You will convey any message among loved ones which may turn into a healthy conversation. Financially, this period will be quiet comfortable.  Determination will be stronger and this may lead you down the righteous path.


Aquarius: Meeting influential people and recreation with friends can be seen through planetary position. Arrogance and aggression will follow your success.  One side of your life may be very much subdued and a feeling of isolation will exist in it. Your best area of life will be your marital life or love life.  A businessperson can have good dealings in this week.


Pisces: Planetary condition says that you may be deprived of marital happiness in spite of the availability of all positive circumstances.  Being over-cautious about money matters will keep you a bit bothered.  Friends will also not be very cordial during this period.  Internal peace will exist which may help to drive you out of all odds.

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