Astrology: 25th August- 31st August

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Astrology: 25th August- 31st August

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: A long awaited situation with your spouse or partner will be experienced in this period. Stay careful about your health specially stomach related problems. Situation may create quarrelsome condition with relatives, try to behave sensible and more articulated. Romance is in air. Even students may perform better than their usual performance.


Taurus: This period may be difficult for your mother. You may face some problem related to construction of your building viz. seepage, drainage etc. You will be able to manage situation gracefully. Financial condition will improve. Your children can be reason of concern in this week. Professional front will improve.


Gemini: Extra efforts may be needed to sustain relationship with younger siblings. Even love and relationship will suffer due to your rash attitude. Conjugal life may be partially disturbed due to your behavior. Better surroundings will be experienced at work place in these days. Your endeavor to get your goal will be partially achieved.


Cancer: Planets are blessing you with leadership quality in family matters. Your words are sufficient to convince your loved once and colleagues. Your luck will go in your favour. Pursuing higher studies will be one of your concern in this week. Professionals from Hotel industries, Bankers, Advocates etc. will perform well.


Leo: Period of power, authority and supremacy can be expected in this period. Financial growth in the form of money or goods can be expected. Isolation will be part of your daily life. You will be enjoying your work as well as work place. Students of this sign will improve their performance. Romance may not flourish in this period. A mixed bag can be expected in this week.


Virgo: You will be in such a position where you won’t have any choice other than spending money. Yes, this won’t be felt like dissipated, indeed. This would be worth spending in long run. It will be little difficult to concentrate at your work in this period. You may face inimical behavior of your colleagues, face to face or hidden. Do not rely on anybody at workplace in this period.


Libra: Time to get into social gathering or excursion, adventures etc. This period will be full of meetings and planning for next one. You will be benefitted through friends or probably elder siblings. Try not to forget your proper eating habit otherwise you will have to face related to digestion or anything related to stomach. Overall, a good period is coming your way.


Scorpio: Your inclination towards work and working on that direction may face obstacles. Several decisions which you may have to take and situation around may confuse you in this period. Keep your calm and wait for second thought before jumping into any conclusion. But your relation with spouse will improve.


Sagittarius: Do not show extra courage in your action, there is a chance of getting into your own trap through your own action. Be careful. Lack of confidence will be followed by isolation in this period. Even conjugal life will get effected due to your approach towards life. Though your spouse will be one of the source of happiness, it won’t be realized by you.


Capricorn: Your urge to get into investment can be seen in this period. Friends may ping you whom you have not been in contact for ages.Your interest in occult sciences, Research work or Actuarial science will be more. This is not the right time to take any risk in this period. Avoid illegitimate action or involvement in any such venture.                             


Aquarius: You need to exert yourself more to maintain most of the relationship in this period. Your image at work also needs your excess endeavor to put things into right place. At the same time those who had been in quest of partner, they may come across one. Being over-confident may destroy you more in this period. Stay in yourself, stop commenting on other’s activities.


Pisces: This week will start with same tone but as it advances your behavior will be more quarrelsome with most of the people around. Either your relation with mother won’t be up to expectation or her health may bother you in this period. It’s good to involve yourself either in spiritual activities or go for meditation to keep your cool.

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