Astrology: 24th March-30th March


Astrology: 24th March-30th March

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Leading and dealing in family affairs with heart and soul will be one of the vital parts of your schedule. After a long span, you will find yourself inpleasant mood. Spirituality and visiting religious places may be one of your favorite passion in this phase. Your concern for father can be expected. Try to maintain a good relationship with your guru or any fatherly figure. Happiness from kids will be experienced.


Taurus: Your desire to work will be more and more to perform at workplace. But, several obstacles to get success on your way can be faced. Those, who had been waiting for their job offers for the last few months, need to have little more patience. Meditation or any other workout is highly recommended to you in this period.


Gemini: This week will bring a sense of confidence but at the same time pessimism may be found in your attitude. You will be appreciated by boss and other colleagues too. You will spend money for a good cause. You will be at the best of your communication skill this week. You can use it for a constructive reason if your personal running period to support you.


Cancer: This week may bring a temperamental issue with family members. You will be very much efficient to dilute the situation before the situation goes worse. Your win-win situation after obstacles also cannot be denied. Professional escalation can be expected, if any, had been in waiting for the last few months. Chances of misunderstanding with the boss may also be in your routine in this period.


Leo: Planets are ready to support you professionally and personally if your personal running period helps a bit too. You will be able to create your own aura before your boss. Wisest of thoughts will be hovering in your mind. Execution of your ideas is definitely going to reward you. You may feel like you have put-up weight, it’s better to begin physical work-out to avoid such stress.


Virgo: Chances of argument with family seem more in this week. Especially with mother or elder sister, you need to avoid such a situation otherwise at the end of the argument, you will be found guilty among all. You will be in frustration of your own attitude, this may cause botheration with mother. Your peace will be missing in this period. Those, who want to pursue an education in a  foreign land, and their period is also running, this is the best time to get an opportunity.


Libra: Students will be experiencing joy of their performances as per their efficiency. Those, who have been waiting for progeny, this is the right time to strike. Monetary aspect will not be very conducive. Your adamant attitude is definitely going to create conflict, especially with your partner. If possible, delay or avoid traveling related to business in this period.


Scorpio: Your words can be harsher than what you would feel. It’s better to avoid such communication in this period as this may spoil relation with loved ones. Financially, it’s going to be one of the most pleasant periods. Your focus will be more and more towards your kids and spouse in this period, but it is advised to close your eyes and be biased in your decision. You will spend money on home decor.


Sagittarius: Staying away from society or crowd would be your first choice, if, your individual period also supports. Pessimism will be hovering in your attitude. It will be beneficial for you to communicate through mail or message and avoid verbal communication to maintain any relationship. The workplace will be disturbed and that may also be one of the reasons for your temporary attitude.


Capricorn: Sun and Jupiter are going to give you ultimate communication to convince your words to anyone and everyone. While Venus and Mercury are going to add flavor in your communication to express them in a more gentle way. You may get increment or any other source of income will be added in your kitty. Stay optimistic to grace one of the beautiful weeks ahead.


Aquarius: Romance will be in the air for Aquarians in this period. You may feel better week professionally in this period after a struggle of a few weeks. Your inclination towards parental duties will also get awake in your mind. Overall, you will be more dutiful and justified in your actions and words in this period. An improvised attitude will garnish the flavor of this beautiful week.


Pisces: Sun and Jupiter are going to glow your aura around you. Apparently, people will admire and accept your advice wholeheartedly. There is a possibility of having a tussle with a younger sibling. Air travel should be avoided. Despite, an adverse situation at a workplace, you will sail through easily.

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