Astrology: 24th June 2018 To 30th June 2018

Astrology: 24th June 2018 To 30th June 2018

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to”


Aries: Beginning of the week will be a very normal kind of routine but as week advances; your effort will be less smart more hard. Delay should be preferred over wrong communication.  Internal peace will be shaking due to unconventional reason. You may have a small dispute with your kids. Students will get the result as their calibre, so work hard to get a better result.


Taurus:  Good relation with siblings and neighbours can be there this week. Get ready to party but somehow health will not very supportive. Your culinary skill may surface in this period , if not , then your eating habit may suddenly take U-turn due to parties, which can disturb your health. If you have any problem related to bone, you must visit your doctor.


Gemini: This period seems one of the best period to use your strategy for lawyers, Politicians, orators.  In general also your aura will be very strong and positive around. Good news from your child may be there or a kind of monetary benefit of your child can be expected. For you, patience is needed more in this period to get your mission with slow pace.  Drive with more safety.


Cancer: You will be flying in your dream world with very pleasant wings in this period. But try not to forget your other commitments in your journey. Recognition at work will be experienced. Expenses will not be under your control but these expenses will be for good reason. There is a chance of heartbreak, play safe in any relationship.


Leo: Planetary condition will make you temperamental. Give time before reaching at any conclusion. If situation will be handled with little more delicate way then possibility of getting reward at works in any form. Money will be spent on luxury. Good friends seem drop down to your place and it will end up as an entertaining part of week.


Virgo: This week will bring money bag of different size, it depends on your personal chart. You will have more influence of your friends. Now it’s up to you whether you utilize it in good way or simply wastage of time and energy. Professional area will be good. You need to be little flexible in your approach.


Libra: Your work will speak more than your words. Meeting female friends or colleagues in this period looks strong. Be careful in handling your spouse, you may turn a temperamental persona in it which will further spoil the scene. You should try to pursue your higher education if you had planned it before. Overall a good week can be seen.


Scorpio: Result will come on your way after several obstacles. Friends or elder siblings may come forward to help you. Those who belong to import-export business, they will have profit in their work. Your spouse will also be the reason of smile on your face. Despite you are fulfilled with almost everything, you will miss something within yourself.


Sagittarius:  You will put your effort alive to get the best in most of your venture.  Your illegal activities will surface up in society; do stay careful in this period. Your spouse can be more demanding which will further disturb the peace at home. Those who have been looking for alliance, they may get proposals.


Capricorn: This week will bring many solutions of your several issues which you had been struggling since long. Be careful about sunstroke or any seasonal aliments in this week.  Mother will have more influence on you. Do not get involved in any new relationship at this moment. Financial gains can be there in your kitty.


Aquarius: You will get experience of meeting influential people and getting benefit from them with few obstacles. Do not forget your opponents behind your back who may try to pull you down. Despite your love and respect for your spouse, you will miss the marital happiness. You will be running through dilemma in your behavior with loved ones.


Pisces: Love and romance in air. Your mind will be hovering around a pleasant thought which may not suit the situation around. You may be rash in your action.  You may have minor opinion difference with your mother. Try to speak less. Monetary area will be moderate. Overall a good week can be expected

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