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Astrology: 23 September- 29 September

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Astrology: 23 September- 29 September

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries:  “Work is worship”, this will be your goal but some or other barrier will come on your way. This may delay your venture but cannot deny your success. You may get yourself into quite a predicament condition while dealing with your children due to an unexpected reason. You would prefer solitude and this may cause another reason for you being temperamental.


Taurus: Several ideas and options will altogether fetch you in the land of more dilemmas about your dreams especially regarding your marriage or progeny can be expected. Partnership in business will prove lucky for you but the relationship with a partner may not remain the same. Back-biters at workplace will awake against you. Stay careful.


Gemini:  This planetary condition will enhance an image of your spouse or partner in your opinion. Financial aspect will reach the level of your expectation. Your mother’s health may be disturbing factor in this period. Children will give you a reason to smile. Students will also perform their best in this period. Overall a moderate week can be seen.


Cancer:  Your temperamental issue will disturb you not others, rest you act accordingly, keeping this condition in your mind. You will spend money on traveling or buying books.  The professional area will be comparatively a pleasant place to be for you in this period. Your effort to reach your goal by hook or crook will definitely work. Your home will have an amazing aura to relish staying here every bit of moment.


Leo:  This period will create such a circumstance which will compel you to surface your subdued personality. Your actions will be somber with the people around. You may get indulge in a relationship with somebody near your place or workplace. Financial security will be there in this period. A lukewarm week may knock your door.


Virgo:  Pessimistic feeling, as well as destructive approach altogether, will create a mess in your day-to-day life. The expectation from the unexpected corner will add-up you’re botheration in this week.  Stay careful, if you have been already suffering from a health issue. Your taste bud will tickle sweet tooth. Students will have a tough time to attain their goal.


Libra: A pleasant week with a lot of planning, fun, and outings may be on your way. Meeting old friends will be adding flavor to your recreation. Traveling abroad for business or work can be possible if it was already on the agenda. Some of your wishes, which you had been expecting since long, can materialize.


Scorpio: Time to strive for minor issues has been still going on since last few weeks. Gains from an unexpected source can be seen in coming days. Simultaneously your expenses will go hand-in-hand. Your effort to achieve your goal will definitely be successful by your sheer hard work. Avoid any argument with family members. Delay some of the decisions which may create misunderstanding among loved ones.


Sagittarius:  ETN may be affected, most of the people of this sign will be facing seasonal ailment in this week. Your authoritative step in the family may disturb other members who won’t be in the mood to accept your dominance.  Monetary aspect of this period will be good. Your image in the family will also improve.  Registration or purchasing of a home or building can be seen in this period.

Capricorn:  This week will give you a mixed reaction from your boss of Mars and Ketu. Take this attitude of your boss sportingly. As it’s a matter of a few more weeks. You will be visiting influential people or meeting with people from upper strata in socials can be possible.  Staying detached from loved ones especially family members can be found in your behavior.


Aquarius:  This period may prove one of the most difficult times to save a peaceful relationship with a spouse. Despite your effort to be with family, you may have reasons to stay away from family.  Avoid any litigation issue to attend or begin in this period. You may get sources of income in this week.

Pisces: Love and romance are in the air. Health is another area of concern. Partner or spouse will take the front seat. Enjoy riding behind their back. Time to enjoy the luxury at the best of your level can be seen in this period.  Your communication will also be healthy and effective for your people. A good week can be strolling your way.
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