Astrology : 23 December- 29 December


Astrology : 23 December- 29 December

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: A change in your schedule will be felt. Week will begin with same tempo, as week advances your interest in isolation or spirituality will be more.  Your desire to achieve certain thing in life would become obsession which may further bother your personal life too.  Give a fair thought to your desire, then decide your next step.


Taurus: This week have mixed bag for you.You may expect windfall in this period. Harsh words or too much justification about your action will spoil the relation with loved ones. Health needs care the most in this period, specially if you are vulnerable of Blood pressure or anything related to blood.  Your partner will be the best help at this moment.


Gemini: Your creativity skill will be full on active and utilizing it in positive direction may reap you the best result. Rather than being fussy over small issue, take it in positive stride. Your energy level will be appreciative but don’t let this energy consumed in commanding over weaker sections. Your effort to be honest will definitely support you.


Cancer: Your dilemma over decision to adopt modern lifestyle or traditional will be at its peak and this dual mind may bother you the most. You need not to worry, finally you will get your answer through some authentic source. This source will be able to convince you to choose the right decision. Money matter will be in its good state.


Leo: Students of this sign will show their talent in their respective fields. But those who have children, may have opinion difference with their own children. ENT issue may arise in this period. Relation with partner will improve. You’re peaceful and sensible is finally going to save you from turning relationship into worse from bad.  A good week is coming your way.


Virgo: Your patience and endurance is definitely going to pay you after a tough test of your patience. You have been suffering with professional as well as personal front for last few weeks, now time is over and turning with positive mood towards you. Personal life will still not be very comfortable. Still a better week can be expected.


Libra: Parents may be reason of concern in this period as their teachings will make you feel very much commanding or old school. Time to give a wise thought before ignoring their instructions whether your decision is better than theirs or not. You may indulge in a new relationship. You will be demanding in your relationship too. Behave wisely.


Scorpio: Week will start with same tune and music but by the end of this week, your attention will be more towards your kid or your own education. This attention will definitely give you success in your mission. You may have to stay from partner due to some reason, and you will be benefitted from your partner or spouse. Overall a fulfilling week is moving your way.


Sagittarius: This week will give you reason to strive to get your mission done. Some optimistic thoughts will surface-up before you and you may find it difficult to cope-up easily. You may have conflict with spouse. Female friends will come to rescue you in several matters. Be careful about fencing your relationship with opposite gender otherwise there is chances of you to be defamed.

Capricorn: Planets are taking you towards detachment, isolation or spirituality, depends on your individual running period. Mars-Venus are creating situation to get involved in a romantic relationship. If it strikes, there may be chances of turning this relationship into long-term relationship. Opponents will shake hands with you. Workplace will be comfortable for you.


Aquarius: This week may bring suspicion in your relationship, if it persists for few more weeks as per your individual running period, then there is chances of break-up too. Act sensibly and patiently. Avoid outside food or spicy food to keep yourself away from ill health. Workplace will have a bit disturbance. A mediocre week can be expected.


Pisces: Mars will transit into pieces, your temperament will again get effected. Your dominance over wife and mother will be observed and felt. But few benefic planets are definitely going to help you to balance your attitude and behavior with them. Your digestive system may be disturbed in this period.

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