Astrology: 22nd July-28th July

ASTROLOGY: 22nd JULY 2018 TO 28th July 2018

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries:  This week will have good news for you. Still, you will be a subdued personality in public.  Traveling will not be favorable in this week. If you were in search of an alliance, you may get a matrimonial proposal in this period. You may face opinion conflict with your kids.  Do not ignore your health, especially if it is related to cholesterol. A good week is assured.


Taurus:  You will get a chance to mingle with new people. But siblings or cousins will not be on good terms with you. Though your decisions will be genuine, it may take time to realize others the worth of it. Your father may be disturbed due to his personal concern but this will equally affect you.  Business travel can be possible.


Gemini:  After a long span, you will find a good relationship with your siblings.  Avoid rash driving or drink n drive especially in this period. Pessimism will relapse in your life pattern for some time. Go for meditation or self-introspection will work better to get rid of this mental state. Communication will be your saving grace this week.


Cancer: Time to have fun as your anxiety gets subside by the mid-week. Parental help is assured in this period.  If you are in any profession related to communication, a good time is peeing at your work and subsequently results. Sudden raised voice and abrupt behavior will completely baffle the situation around you. Take out time to work on your general behavior in public.

Leo:  Your life pattern will change a bit. This change will lead you towards hard work.  But at the end of your genuine strive; your success will be assured. Your mood will also be free from any pessimistic thought. Time to rejoice with loved ones without thinking much on expenses part of the routine. A good week is crawling on your way.

Virgo:  Excursion, recreation or any other activities which will change your entire monotonous routine can be expected. Your condition at work will improve. But anger issue will continue to spoil your most of the brighter aspect of this week. In the middle of this week, you will find yourself depressive without any reason but it will fade away soon.

Libra:  You will enjoy your life with the best of the luxuries this week. But stability in your condition cannot be assured. So, it’s better to take any step after rethinking the pros and cons of it. The workplace will have lots of exciting situation which you may enjoy as a thrilling moment.

Scorpio: Your courage may not match your speech. You may be depressed due to some reason where you won’t have any other option than controlling emotion. You can face some adverse condition at work due to a lady. Do not keep your eye closed while trusting anybody in this period. Planning to renovate your shelter may be one of the strong points of your agenda.

Sagittarius: This week will have a pessimistic opinion about life. A restless soul will be felt by you within yourself. A situation will not go as per your planning. But you will get overall co-operation from younger siblings.  There may be opinion differences with your partner. Your harsh words may spoil the situation around you. Be careful.

Capricorn:  It will be easier for you to get annoyed for small reason, at the same time you will find it easier to get control of your temperament. Your image in public will not be as same as it used to be before a few weeks. If you have any issue related to litigation, this is the time to delay filing the case against your opponent.


Aquarius:  You need to be cautious about your words while dealing with your own kids. Even those who are expecting, stay careful about your health.  You may get connected to other women for the time being.  Avoid drink & drive, Rash driving is strictly a no-no for you in this period. Overall a moderate week can be expected.

Pisces:  Time to keep a good control over your emotion is approaching to you. Stay calm and cool in your actions. Your decision in family affairs will be appreciated.  Despite a good condition around, there may exist insecurity within you. Relation with siblings will be difficult to handle. Your mother will also have not a very good time health wise.

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