Astrology: 22 nd Sept- 28 th September

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Astrology: 22 nd Sept- 28 th September

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Planets are altogether rushing and pushing you to get involve into arguments.
Sportsperson of this sign will do better in this period. Students, who are trying for competitive examinations will perform better than expectation. Stay away from court or any sort of legal issue in this week. Your balanced words while dealing people around, will be an asset of this period.


Taurus: Period of confusion and dilemma even for silly decision, you may face in this period. Be strict about your diet and day-to-day eating habit to avoid health problem. Work will be a problematic area of this period. But inflow of money will make its own way in your life. Some of you will be involved into new relationship.


Gemini: This week will bring reason to think over home décor or any other kind of change and makeover in your life style. You will be lacking happiness and peace internally which you would not like to share with anybody. Staying isolated from public and introspecting yourself will be in your upcoming agenda of the week. Overall, a week to awake, think and then work to improvise your style of presenting it.


Cancer: Aggressive action with a substantial logic will keep you engaged in this period. Marital discord can be seen. Gradually, situation will fall at right place to overcome it easily. You may face opponents at work place or around, you will be at win-win situation. Expenses in your regular routine will shoot-up due to some reason.


Leo: Your temperament will reflect in your speech even with your loved ones. You may try to dictate and lead your family members. Situation can lead you experiencing dispute among family members. Financial area of life will be satisfactory. Your work will be appreciated. You will find it difficult to decide your ambition of life at this point of time.


Virgo: With obstacles and unexpected hindrances, you may sail through easily. Several thoughts, bad and good may disturb your concentration but your inclination towards work will be more. Health will be priority in your list. Mother can get effected due to some of your action. There are chances of feeling yourself as deprived of love and affection in this period more frequently.


Libra: Friends, relatives and family will be the reason to spend money. One of your own family member will turn into foe, but you will be in win-win situation. Travelling will not end as a pleasant one. Your relation with somebody from neighborhood will be established, but it won’t last long.


Scorpio: Your planning and strategy will fructify in this period in form of finance or emotion. People from different strata may come across you in this period. Children will give smile on your face. You can get financial benefit from unknown source too. Be careful while talking to loved ones and avoid pointing out their mistakes.


Sagittarius: Isolation with negative opinion about surroundings will be hovering in your mind. It will be hard to focus at your work. You will have more work stress to cope-up easily. You will not be happy the attitude of your partner. You will be inclined more towards donation or salvation. Your married life may get disturbed in this period.


Capricorn: Week will advance with little more productivity as well as positivity. Your
determination will reach your goal. Despite with low confidence, you will make your own path to travel and make others to follow you. Relation will boss will improve in this period. You may travel to religious place.


Aquarius: Your attitude of over thinking may turn your friends to foes. You will expect more from your loved ones, this ultimately will give you reason to get sad. Financial aspect will be good in this period, indeed. Students of this sign will get their goal with obstacles. The best part of this period will be your convincing skill, which may change others mind in your way.


Pisces: Your lord will give you enough confidence to think your decisions as a last word for
others too. Your temperament will definitely going to disturb your marital pleasure in this
period. Although you will be able to manage this situation with your wisdom. Parents may be the reason of concern in this week.

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