Astrology: 21th July – 27th July


Astrology: 21th July – 27th July

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to



Your lord has been surrounded with many planets of different nature. Altogether, it’s going to pacify its heat through effect of other planets. Still, your kids will not perform or behave exactly up to your expectation. You will be thinking about home, family or luxury such as vehicles, home décor etc. Support from boss or elder brother can be possible.



Your effort which you have been not been bragging for last few weeks, will be surfaced with good result. Your efficiency to convey message or convince others will be praised. Despite your success outside home, you will find it difficult to please your mother and other family members. Health of spouse may be another reason of concern.



This period will push to lead you in many home affairs. You will be eagerly taking lead and giving your best to any mission taken up at home. Financial gains will be experienced in this period. Your hidden enemies may bother you through indirect sources. You may give some emotional statement to save your relationship. This will be favourable for you in future.



You will be self-concerned, least bothered about others. This character of yours can compel others to tag you as a selfish person. In this process, your relation with partner will be disturbed. You will be in win-win condition in worldly pleasure. But inner satisfaction will be missing. Opponents will be active in this period with no success at the end.



Travelling seems possible in this period. You may get job offer from foreign company or somewhere away from birthplace. You will try to grab every opportunity irrespective of good or bad feeling of others. Money will be spent for right cause. Donation, charity or working for uplift ment of society will be your main concern of this period.



You will get more than one source of income suddenly. This will become difficult for you to choose. Professionally a success week is knocking your week but your pessimistic view can’t be changed. Stay away from romance or love as it won’t be lasting. Students of this sign will be working hard with low achievement.


Libra: :

“Work is worship” this will be your headline of this week. Eventually you will get result of your hard work with an unavoidable hindrance. Students of this sign will pursue for higher education. Short official journey is possible but success of this venture cannot be assured. So you may delay or deny if possible.



Your married life had been going through upheavals for quiet sometime. This is the time to patch up and sort out the differences. Other positive changes can be noticed suddenly. You may plan for short trip in this period. Your one of the concern of this week is your mother’s health or well-being. Keep your hope high, your success will definitely be at your door.



Rash action and rude behavior can be experience in this period. Health can irk you with seasonal ailments. Drive safely or try to use public transport. This is the period of work and work without thinking of result. In this process, you may find yourself alone in the journey of life. This Philosophical thought will keep you isolated and thoughtful about life.



Your spouse will be dominating or try to impose, this may challenge your ego and self-respect. Avoid such attitude to keep your surrounding happy and pleasant.  Unmarried people may get marriage proposal in this period. After a long span, you will think about the importance of love and romance in life. This week will bring a positive hope in your life.



This planetary condition will keep you in position to think most of the thing in complicated way. Number of enemies may increase in your list. This may be reason of you to stay aloof and self-introspecting. Mother’s support can be expected with an effort from your side. A better week than last week is on your way.



Your lord is blessing you with lot of ideas and creativity in this period. Your relation will improve with your family members. Even your anxiety regarding children will also be subsided. You will have more respect for partner and this will eventually turn into a peaceful period altogether for you and your loved ones.

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