Astrology: 21st October -27th October - One World News

Astrology: 21st October -27th October

Astrology: 21st October -27th October

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: You can expect a change within you and this will somehow reflect in your general behavior. You may have misunderstanding with spouse or your kids. At the same time, bachelors will be find somebody interesting in these days. Getting involve into good deeds or planning to take up pilgrimage in this period can be seen.


Taurus: Too much thinking with no result will create more anxiety in you. Try to take situations as a temporary phase of your routine. Stay careful about your Blood pressure, if you find any such symptoms, must visit your doctor. Otherwise also, avoid showing courage for unnecessary reason and place. Family or homely atmosphere will be missing in your weekly schedule.


Gemini: Students will have successful week. Your creativity and determination for your work will be recognized. Do not mess up with opponents. Your enemies will be stronger in their approach. Conjugal life will not be up to the expectation. But planetary condition will make you smart enough and politically correct in your communication to turn table in your side.


Cancer: Professional area will be activated in this week. You may get a scope and hope of getting position or power. Planning of renovating home or working on home décor will be found in this period. Sigh of relief will be felt for some abstract reason which even you won’t be able to guess. Romantic life will not be smooth.


Leo: This week will extract your maximum time and energy at work and you will handle situations with ample patience. Enemies will pop-up and crop-up from unknowing places and people. Professional escalation in terms of money or power will be experienced but you need to keep your conscious and sub-conscious mind awake to avoid any blunder. Otherwise a good week is on your way.

Virgo: If you have been waiting for new job or increment, this week will bring ray of hope in your life. Money will be accumulated. Money from unexpected source may be possible. You may have chance to get marriage proposal. Those who are in to import-export, they may get foreign deal. But stay careful about your stomach and digestive system.


Libra: This planetary condition will bring out one part of your personality among your loved ones. They will find you very much self-concerned and this may cause dispute with your people. Those who are interested in occult science, it’s time when they will go further to study deeply the subject. Overall a good week can be expected.


Scorpio: This week will be mainly focused on money and the way it should be spend to maintain the balance in bank. You will find it difficult in this period. Being over courageous and taking action accordingly may spoil your plan. Take decision with peaceful mind. Travelling to foreign land may also take shape.


Sagittarius: Transit of your lord in Scorpio will change a bit in your life pattern. You will be in deep dilemma to choose the correct path in this period. So many friends and their interference may be another reason to have a disturbed family life. Partner will be strength in many ways. Avoid any argument or differences with partner.

Capricorn: God’s grace will be completely on you and your achievements in this period. Your promotion or increment with a profile change could be seen in this period. You level of patience will certainly give you fruit. Meeting powerful/influential people and getting benefitted from them will be experienced. A good week is desperately waiting for you.


Aquarius: Your week will be as usual good rather it will add one new flavor in your life. This may give you reason and ways to accumulate wealth in this phase. If your inherited property is in dispute, try your hand to get it back easily. Marital condition will improve eventually in this period and this will be felt by you after a long span.

Pisces: You will feel better internally after this transit of your lord. Your mind will fight with two different opinions and mostly you will find yourself at luxurious side of opinion. It is advisable for you to speak only if it is required. Health may get effected with temporary ailments. Monetary aspect will be good.

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