Astrology: 21st April- 27th April


Astrology: 21st April- 27th April

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Ego may give you isolation and self-introspection too. Realization, renunciation, and salvation will be your preferred path to reach your goal. But, again the intensity depends on your personal chart and running period. Many obstructions will be faced on the way of your goal. Few unexpected words in your communication may disturb your peace. Take-up meditation strictly in your schedule.                            


Taurus: You will come across influential people or people from a higher class. This meeting will go very successful. Professionally a disturbed period is approaching your way. Still, other sources of money will also come simultaneously. Be careful. Marital life will also be bothered due to some or other reason. Overall, a moderate week can be expected.


Gemini: Pious deeds and thoughts will follow your mind. Directly or indirectly you will be involved in charity. Partner’s behavior would not be very appreciable in your opinion. Domination of the partner will be felt within. Despite adversity, peace and satisfaction will be experienced in this week. Children will give you another reason to smile.


Cancer: Opportunity will be in your access to meet influential people. Your pleasant behavior will impress people around. The best part of your week will be your communication, you won’t keep anything inside but your expression may be very diplomatic. Monetary aspects will be fair enough to enjoy. A long-awaited good week is on your way.


Leo: Religious practice or religious journey may be added in this period in your day-to-day routine. Ego should be controlled to maintain your mental peace. Some unjustified situation may provoke you to utter baseless harsh words, which may further haunt you. Bit improvement in your inner happiness will be felt.


Virgo: Relation with a partner seems to improve and looks more congenial in this period. This period may be difficult for your mother’s well-being which can be a reason for disturbance for you. Gain from insurance money or inheritance can be expected. Monetary benefits can be expected in this period. Delay or avoid anything related to renovation or purchasing home or vehicles in this period.


Libra: You may have a trust issue in every matter. Strive for silly things also will be experienced in this week. Dispute with younger siblings can be possible. Travelling can be delayed, if it’s not very important. Or you may have to travel for some unpleasant reason. Participation in the family matter is good and healthy but you will start dictating, which may turn into a harsh argument.


Scorpio: After a long time, a soothing week will be coming on your way which can be felt too. Sense of financial security may come as a situation will pop-up around to relieve you. Conjugal life will also improve. Your trust in your partner will suddenly raise, eventually, this will add positive aura around you and your home. Your children will also add happiness to your life. Overall, a better week is approaching you.


Sagittarius: Students will have to work harder to get the desired result. In general, your temperament will fluctuate due to the pessimistic view especially about loved ones. You may give reason to bother your spouse. You will come across the truth of life and prefer not to socialize. Your determination will help you to keep going until your goal.


Capricorn: Staying away from the public and being with very intimate friends will be your attitude in this week. Planning for studies may implement or executed in this period. Eventually, success will embrace you too. The situation will turn to your side for your betterment. Some of you will get a marriage proposal during this period. Your decisions will be wise indeed. Go with your own opinion without much hesitation.


Aquarius: Friends will not be found easily in this period. Your very intimate friend also either may be unable to come forward for you due to some reason or there could be opinion difference with you. The financial condition can also be one of the reasons for stress. But family will support you unconditionally. A professional front will also not much appreciable. 


Pisces: This planetary conditions will strengthen you internally. Your horizon of thought will be widened. At the same time, guts to execute your planning will give you success in your mission. A family dispute can be foreseen. Avoid any such decision or discussion. Father or fatherly figure may be the reason for unhappiness for you.

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