Astrology: 20th May 2018 To 26th May 2018


One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week.  Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: This period is indicating a good news from your children. But health will not support you to celebrate the occasion with full of energy. You may get the sources of money through your acquaintances. It’s better to communicate with people through the mail or other written way of communication. Avoid involving yourself in any argument whether it seems genuine or not.


Taurus:  This week will give you reason and ways to add in your account at the same time ways to spend too. Your love life will get activated suddenly and this may astonished you in many ways. Your partner will be supportive for you in any of your random activities.  Stay careful with younger siblings or neighbours in your approach. You may sound rude while conveying message to them.


Gemini: Good news may come on your way, it may come through direct source or through any of your relative. You will have to put noticeable effort to get your work done then only your success will be assured, but do not forget that the pace of getting positive result will not be up to expectation.  Meeting influential people or young friends seems strong.


Cancer:  Temperamental issues may disturb your relation with friends and loved ones. You may try to dominate your partner which may fire back you. Try to go for meditation or self-introspection. You will have an unreasonable fear at workplace. Financial aspect will be able to manage tantrum. Overall a mediocre week can be expected.


Leo: There may be prospects of getting a better position at a workplace, it can be either in the form of increment or appraisal. Your public image and dealing with people will be appreciable. Your mind will be anxious for not any substantial reason. You will get an opportunity to meet saint or sages kind of person in coming days. A very good week can be assured.


Virgo: This placement of planets may bring you across the break-ups if you are in any relationship. Or break or disturbance in studies for the students. But, you need not be worried about as the end of the day, you will come out with flying and colourful wings. Money or work offer from foreign land seems strong. A mixed bag is approaching towards you.


Libra: This week will give you to experience a blended feeling within i.e. modern & traditional. You will get a chance to come in public with more confidence. Planning to travel a beautiful place looks good but with few obstacles indeed. You may get a good news related to progeny in this period. You may involve in the relationship with somebody who is putting up nearby your location or old acquaintance.


Scorpio: You will write your destiny with your own hand. Your hard work and endurance will certainly give you result accordingly. You will be actually come to now the fake faces behind the veil in this period. This period will give you real-life experience and knowledge. Professionally , this will be a good  week.


Sagittarius: Professional area of life will not be very easy in this week. Chances of having a problem in eyes or teeth can be expected in coming period. Your concentration in coming days will be your spouse. You may have respect and love for your spouse more than what it has needed. This may take a wrong shape in your relationship.


Capricorn: This week fetch out a very different persona from you. Your logic, accurate analysis about the family & situation will mostly provoke you but your wise decision will not let it be out in public. But ultimately, you may inflict yourself by doing so. Be careful especially when you are in driving seat. Finance will be smooth but health may need your extra attention.


Aquarius:  Your decision will need a prior second wiser opinion to be implemented. Personal life will be disturbed. Unexpected travelling can be seen in this week. For you, love will be in air and your significant decision regarding your own life will take back seat for the time being for you. Students will get good result if they are expecting in coming days.


Pisces: Being courageous and determined is always considered a positive side of a human personality but using it in optimistic way gives feather to the cap. You will have willpower, determination and courage to get your thing turn according to your choice but use it in a beneficial way for helping others. Think, rethin

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