Astrology : 20th January – 26th January


Astrology : 20th January – 26th January

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to

Aries: You may have to struggle or not, that depends on your personal horoscope but success in venture is assured. It cannot be avoided to accept dispute at workplace and your involvement too in it.  Friends or acquaintance from lower grade would be great help for you in this period. Your words can build or destroy the situation around you, stay careful.


Taurus: This period is one of the promising period for bachelors to think over marriage and getting it fructify soon. Your determination and will-power will take you to the right path. Ignoring sensitive family issue would add flavor in your day-to-day life. Businessmen will be benefitted in their deals. A good week can be expected.


Gemini: Your relation with younger sibling or neighbor’s will not be satisfactory. You need to strive more for your every mission in this period. Enemy will behave friendly specially at work. Otherwise also, it is suggested not to mess-up , your opponents may supersede you. Your concern for mother may bother you more than giving pleasure.


Cancer: Your partner may behave more commanding than usually you are used to. Your restless mental status may pull you to take major decision, the result will be dicey. Married people will experience separation mentally or physically. Financial condition will be good. Your most of the target will be achieved but with a tag of ‘delay’.


Leo: Health may bother you but you need not to be worried as this may be seasonal cough and cold or any sort of temporary ailment. Professional front will be peaceful despite adverse situation. Planets will make it difficult for you to control your words in public, avoid being harsh or straightforward.


Virgo: This week may havegood chance for those , who are ready to start their marital inning. Planning to travel a beautiful country may execute in this period. Your continuous effort to get success in your business or work may get its ambition. Drive safeand slow. Your behavior in society will be appreciative , you will be comfortably acting sensitive and impressive.


Libra: You may get chance to get good news from your children or any pleasure from them in this period. Now parental support will be more in terms of money or moral support. If you have been planning to open a bank account or anything related to money accumulation, then wait for few more weeks. You will more often find delay in getting result of your effort.


Scorpio: Proper balance in public which include tradition as well as modern approach will really give you space. This situation will be thoroughly enjoyed by you. Your planning for your own  work, business and kid’s career will be priority in this week. Elder siblings may be reason of concern. Stay careful.


Sagittarius: You will spend money for donation and for your own pleasure too. Still you will not get the amount of pleasure you would expect. You will try to command your spouse and this may bounce back your peace in this period. Get your regular check-up done without fail. If you have History of diabetes, then start or resume physical work-out as soon as possible.

Capricorn: Detachment, spirituality and solitude will be the important part of life due to presence of ketu, Sun and Mercury. Your lord is also away from own house which may give health concern. Jupiter will gift you courage and will power to get rid of difficulties. Planets may shake your confidence for the time being but this situation will fade away in few days.


Aquarius: Your health will be one of the important part of daily routine. You may face some disappointing situation due to your children. Your speech may take a toll at workplace. Your parents will not have a good relation with you. Financial condition will be good. You are advised to behave sensibly with loved ones.


Pisces: This week will make you feel comfortable at work. Your approach will be extremely sober and diplomatic. Marital condition will not be very congenial. Elder siblings may give sorrow while mother will provide strength to face the world. This week is distracting your mind towards children or your love-life and create restless state of mind. Overall a moderate time can be expected.

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