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Astrology: 1st July 2018 To 7th July 2018

.Astrology: 1st July 2018 To 7th July 2018 

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to”


Aries:  Anxiety about the result and further course of action for your child’s well being will be there this week.  Eating outside food may turn poisonous in this period.  Despite a bit of disagreement with your siblings, you will sail through smoothly.  An emotional attack may be experienced by you through any loved ones. Travelling may not be fruitful.


Taurus:  Situation at work will change suddenly. Being honest and modest may go against you. Your effort to maintain balance would be saving grace in this week. If you have any project or work through communication, delay it or change it into verbal communication. Health issues especially related to chest or nearby area should not be ignored.


Gemini:  Planetary combination will turn you to a way smarter in your strategy in a relationship. But be careful in your personal relationship with loved ones. Before spending money, recheck through different sources otherwise chances of losing money may be there. If your personal running period is supportive, you may get money from an unexpected source.


Cancer:  Your interest and willingness to meet people may fulfill in this period. New friends and recreation must be a part of your routine. You may ignore the worth of money over luxury or be maintaining your status in society. You will get over the bad relationship with your friends from the recent past and would try to move on.  The professional area will be satisfying. A good week is knocking at your door.


Leo:  Dictating and directing your terms and conditions to your colleagues may tarnish your image at the workplace. Opponents will be under scanner. You must try to do your fair work to save your image. You will be benefitted and appreciated by your boss in any form. Your marital life will be ignored due to other commitments. A goodwill is awaiting your days.


Virgo:  Short travelling can be assured in this period. Meeting with a mixed bunch of friends will give you push to go ahead in your life with full pleasure. Family life will be definitely suffering. Paying time at home and loved ones would not be justified by you. Time to approach and turn into a long relationship can also be in your schedule of this week.


Libra: Businessperson would be dealing with new customers in this week. Their connections with influential business persons may give them benefit. Your work will be appreciated in society. Father may be one of the reasons to be bothered. You may plan for communal and social religious journey.  Servicemen will have more work to attain the expected level.


Scorpio:  You need to check your words before taking them out before public. For last few weeks, you had been suffering with anxiety problems. Self-introspect yourself and try to throw away negative part of your personality. This week may bring a need to change any kind of setting to keep yourself calm viz. yoga, meditation etc.


Sagittarius:  Time to inspect, introspect and justify the condition of your health. Is the reason you? Lack of interest in self-development may not let you grow in your professional field easily.  You will get an opportunity to make money and way to spend the same in the same flow.  Your spouse may pose as a very dominating one in this period. Take it as a temporary phase.


Capricorn:  Luck and fortune are knocking the door of your success of different level from different strata of life. Planning for buying or changing your home, in a larger than expected size can be seen in these days. Having fun, enjoying the outdoor activities will be on your agenda of this week. Overall, a good week can be expected.


Aquarius:  Your love life will be disturbed due to condition around you. Spirituality will keep you going on your path in a righteous way. Opponents will be activated. They may plan against you to put you in wrong box but after a short strive, you will come out of it. Good things are also there in your weekly bag to enjoy.


Pisces:  A person having this sign will definitely enjoy their success but would definitely not like to share in public. At the same time their conjugal life must not be good. Problems related to behavior of loved ones will hurt you the most. Your lord of destiny will save you from every situation.

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