Astrology: 1st April 2018 To 7th April 2018

Astrology: 1st April 2018 To 7th April 2018

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week.  Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practising Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Week may start with a confusion regarding work. Those who have been waiting for a job offer, this period will crawl at a slow pace. Travelling can be expected or any offer may come on your way which will indicate your work away from family. Your enemies may be useful for you during this period. Stay connected with every person to get its benefit.


Taurus:  You may plan a travel in near future. The money will not be stable in your pocket. Your skin needs care during this period. Parents may be your prime concern. Being rational may give you benefit.  Stay away from the frenzy of monotonous routine. This week assures you the pleasant moment but again it totally depends on your own choice.


Gemini:  Your professional aspect seems strong. Only communication glitches need to be taken into consideration. In contradiction to the situation, you will experience a contented situation internally. Your effort must be appreciated but it can be followed by patients. Spouse or partner will provide you with the cosiest feeling in their existence.


Cancer:  Planets may hit the pace of work which may shake your confidence for the time being.  Keep a check on your work pressure and Blood pressure.  If you are planning to apply for the loan, this is the right time to opt for it. Health may slow down your pace of activities. Do not trust any colleagues, you may have many unnoticed defamers at your workplace.


Leo:  An unexpected gain may knock your door. Creative skill of yours will be recognized among your co-workers. You need to control your anger for the small silly matter. Foreign travel may be successful during this period.  Marital happiness will be a toss for the time being. Overall, a mixed bag seems on your way in this week.


Virgo:  You may find some glitches in your rapport with your loved ones. You may incur a loss if you won’t control your temperament.  You will miss the inner peace and happiness in coming period. Few of you may be anxious due to your mother ’s health issue.  Avoid long journey or rash driving. A week of extra caution indicates on your way.


Libra: The week will begin with workaholic tendency with less result indeed.  Action taken in spurt may result in a damage.  Spouse will provide a sense of satisfaction in your desired way. Slow but sure, that will be your pace of the work in this period. Be careful in your personal relationship. As chances of minor conflict can be expected.


Scorpio:  This week warns you about your eating habit else you may experience digestion issue. But it won’t harm you much. Professionals may get news of transfer or any sort of break in their work. You will not be able to control your expenses. You are suggested to accept the situation happily. A week full of punctuality and discipline is approaching you.


Sagittarius:  Focus of the week for you will be either your kids or your own studies. But you won’t find it easy to handle the situation with a peaceful mind. You may face an undesired situation in the family which may prove disturbing enough for your peace. Prospect of meeting the resourceful person who may add your professional stature, seems strong.


Capricorn: Expenses and income both are playing their role in own way. Finally, expenses will win the week. Pomp and show, flashy lifestyle all such things will attract you. Be careful in maintaining relationships with the neighbor. Avoid any written mode of communication with important persons of your life. You will lack satisfaction in your marital life.


Aquarius: Students may plan a sudden trip for studies or professionals can plan an official trip In coming days. Your accumulated wealth may be used for any undesired purpose in this period. Be careful about your diet plan as ignorance may lead you to food poisoning in this week. Delay any affair related to money viz borrowing or lending.


Pisces: This week depends solely on your own pleasure. Good thing will be your expression where you will be able to manage your temperament in public. Too much of expectation in a relation may bother you. Professional aspect and gains will be the area of relief a bit in this week. A moderate week can be assured.

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