Astrology: 19th May-25th May


Astrology: 19th May-25th May

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Your effort and will power will let you proceed your way with the righteous approach. Inner feeling for a family will not be very positive. This situation may fluctuate your mood even in your day-to-day routine. Money matters will take time to sort out if any such case is pending. Time to confront your enemy openly. A mediocre week can be expected.


Taurus: Malefic planets are going to disturb you in this period, which may cause you an emotional break. Leading in any family matter and giving your best shot, would be your goal. You may find its cumbersome job to reach your goal. The monetary aspect will provide you inner satisfaction and relief from other disturbances. You will not be satisfied with the stability of work.


Gemini: You may come across people from higher strata of society. Health especially anything related to hair or head may create a disturbance. Kids will add flavor in life. Students of this sign will perform better. Your promotion, job-change or transfer which was supposed to be in this period, may take time to reach you. Import-export business persons will have benefit is their dealing.


Cancer: This period indicates you to clear your legal issue related to marriage or landed property in this period. Your children may disappoint you with their behavior in this period. You will get more than one source of income in this period. Driving should be avoided or use public transport for the next few weeks. Students will find little difficult to concentrate on their studies.


Leo: You will actually start loving your work and your workaholic approach will lead you towards the path of success. But anxiety would be difficult to keep under control. Traveling related to work will be one of the successful trips. You may get sudden financial gain from an unexpected source. The best part of the week will be an adequate balance between your temperament and action.


Virgo: You will be inclined towards a righteous path, spirituality, and religious activity more than before. Your inner peace will be missing in this period. Professional aspect seems disturbed. Students will also find it difficult to concentrate on their studies. It is suggested to go for meditation or any kind of physical workout to get rid of restlessness.


Libra: This week may bring a bit of argument with family members for property or anything related to land or inheritance. Your mood will contradict the situation and it may continue in the pleasant side of life but the situation will put you in a different state of mind. Payments may get delayed for business people.


Scorpio: Health needs your attention. Drive safely or avoid driving in this period. Marital happiness will not be good.  Financial inflow will be moderate. Your words in dealing may spoil it. It’s better to stay more careful. The loan should not be availed in this period. Students will be happy with their concentration and performances.


Sagittarius: This period may keep you away from the reality of several family issues. This you may repent it later. Romance will be in the air and living a pleasant life will be in the first position of your priority. The workplace will be not very good to be as before. Your health may disturb your flow of enjoyment in this period.


Capricorn: This week will bring you hope and scope towards the progress of career. Once you feel like getting anything, it won’t be much difficult to find it in this week. But students will definitely be struggling to concentrate on their studies. Even your kids may give you a reason to smile. Good time for a sports person. Time to be alert about health especially digestion. 


Aquarius: Amazing communication and dealing with your loved ones will make you an important person among your own people. You will experience a better condition in the family. This situation will add flavor to your life for the time being. The professional area will be a little disturbed. Do not rush to take any step towards a career.


Pisces: Your interest in spiritual science and religious traditional practice will be increased. Your uninterrupted effort to get your goal will certainly reach your way. You may be missing something internally which you won’t find comfortable to share with anybody. Some of you may get benefits from inheritance.

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