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Astrology: 19th August- 26th August

Astrology: 19th August- 26th August

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to
Aries:  This period may create frustration in you and this will be clearly reflected among your people. Though you will be surrounded with the availability of your desired things, your confidence level will not match with your worth. Younger siblings will play smart with you. There may be chances of having some family dispute.

Taurus: Approach towards different aspects of life for you may look in new shape. A smart move in your life will be taken by you in this period and this may give you wealth or other happiness. Your gains in many or any field will not be able to please you. Your attitude will be positive towards donation, charity or any of such deed.


Gemini:  Your effort to unite family members would not be a successful move for you in this period.  Your courage to justify yourself would actually not appreciable but hardly anybody will come forward to show you your real image. Either you will plan or buy a vehicle in near future. Money from direct or indirect source can be expected.

Cancer: Achievement through your planned move can be seen in this period. Be little careful before suggesting anybody that your selfless suggestion may not be taken in healthy way. But your image in society except your own family members will be awesome. You may expect a reward at workplace as this time looks favourable for you in office.

Leo:  Your pride will be intact as per your choice in this week. Your planning to mingle with people will go in a very positive direction. You will find your spouse with a spiritual spirit in this period and such condition will add flavor in your life. Your fortune will make your way smoother in this phase. Hope for the best in this period.

Virgo:  There is a prospect of having an unorthodox relationship with somebody which may not prolong. Expenditure on righteous things can be assured. Still your desire won’t be fulfilled.  Work will definitely give you confidence despite other issues. You may find a friend who may either misguide you or play cunning with you.

Libra: Students will experience good time in this period. Those who have been waiting for progeny, a favourable time is knocking your door. Boss will be surprisingly in your favour. Your friend may take you to better place where you may come to know about other good way to approach for improvement of career.

Scorpio: Be careful while dealing your younger sibling or neighbor. Avoid written communication for any serious matter. Your focus on “how to earn and save money” will be more in this period. Your concern towards mother will be there and this may be the reason of disturbance in family and ultimately you will be the indirectly suffering. Try to keep yourself calm.

Sagittarius:  Children may enjoy good result. But adults may suffer due to their children. You can face minor issues at workplace. You may act in a rash way to satisfy your ego. Keep your calm to maintain your image among your loved ones. Journey will be ended with a disappointment. Father may suffer in this period.

Capricorn: Those who are into research, occult Sciences or Actuary sciences, they will perform their best in this period. Your relation with father will be mutually at its best. Marital pleasure wills definitely missing in this phase. You may expect gain from any such source which you might forgot long back. But your interest in saving will be more than spending it.

Aquarius:  This week is preparing you to deal with the attitude of your spouse with a great patience as it won’t last long. Health needs your attention. Do not ignore any physical uneasy condition especially if it seems anything related to stomach or below stomach. Do not try to justify your deed in your way.

Pisces:  Time to face your enemy with the trophy by the end of the tussle. Your partner may act smart with you which will hardly affect you. Most of your wishes may fulfill in this period. Your affection and respect for spouse will be more. Some of you may get involve into new relationship with somebody from foreign country or anybody who is stranger for you.

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