Astrology: 18thAugust-24thAugust


Astrology: 18thAugust-24thAugust

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Planetary position will give you kick start in desired field. Chances of getting closer to somebody from work place or Institution wherever you are pursuing your education. If any disease or health issue arises, do not take it easily. Spouse may be in trouble, which will definitely disturb you.


Taurus: You will neither be in position to ignore your mother nor in a good relation with her. Overall, a difficult period for you to manage this relation. Professional front may be continued with the disturbance same as it has been going for last few months. You will utilize your best of strategy to improve your position at workplace, but result seems delay.


Gemini: Guts to take initiative wherever you are working, speaking your mind and becoming the voice of seekers will be in your present agenda. Number of opponents will gradually increase. Your effort to win them may work a bit. Your strategy to make life peaceful will give you more patience to tolerate situations calmly.


Cancer: Your intellect will be rewarded among your people. You will be more agile in your daily routine. The best of endeavor will be put up by you to fulfil everyone’s wish in family or friends. Love life will not be appreciable in this period. Money will be squandered for genuine reason. Good time for students to get the appropriate result according to their effort.


Leo: Your lord is in conjunction with planets to add flavor in your personality. Eventually, your words may sound more authoritative and commanding. You cannot expect everybody to take your word sportingly. Be careful in using your words. Sudden financial gain can be seen in this week. A better condition at work can be expected.


Virgo: Planets say that you may get yourself involve in any secret relationship. Spending money in luxury or any worldly pleasure would not deter you. You may be connected to foreign country either for higher studies or work in this period. Meeting youngsters may be in your agenda for work in this period.


Libra: Meeting friends from all walk of life. You may get involve in illegitimate relationship. Illusion and dilemma about certain situation may turn into worse. Just pause for some time, rethink over the issue and act only after going through double check. Reward or recognition of your hard work will be acknowledged by your boss.


Scorpio: Now logical thinking will start provoking you more than repeated orthodox thinking. Tension in relationship cannot be denied in this period. Behave more cautiously to protect your relation with spouse or partner. Financial growth can be assured by planets. Inner peace will not exist in your day-to-day life even after several attempts.


Sagittarius: You may be feeling dejected or isolated. This will be your self-created feeling and unnecessarily torturing yourself and people around unknowingly. An unpleasant situation in marital life can also be possible. Be cautious in your behavior with others. Father may be reason of concern in this week.


Capricorn: Planets are changing their position, change in behavior of your boss or elder siblings can be noticed. You will talk too much on every issue, with anybody. Try to cut your conversation in short. This period is an indicator of pursuing your passion and motivations at best. This is one of the best time to concentrate at work and produce a decent result.


Aquarius: You will prefer to isolate yourself from society or social gatherings in this period. Self-introspection and analysis, these will be main terms in your daily life. Your partner may try to dominate you. Anger issues should be kept under control in day-today life. A restless mind will be found in the students who carries this sign in their horoscope.


Pisces: Your lord is in direct motion now. Your in-depth knowledge about few things will come in limelight. Your control in behavior would be great savior to save relationship in family. Opponents at office will try to pull you down but it will prove in vain. You will be working towards charity or any sort of social work in this period.

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