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Astrology : 18th November- 24th November

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Astrology : 18th November- 24th November

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: You will be in dual mindset about your friendship. At one moment, you may be thinking about strong friendship, other moment your mind will be full of doubts. This period will fetch you luxuries and recreation. Your dealing with public will be appreciated. Stomach issue, specially related to digestion. Still a pleasant week is heading towards you.


Taurus: Your attitude towards many aspects of life will be very critical. Over-thinking may affect your health. Avoid messing up with anybody or any situation. Time doesn’t allow it. If you have been waiting for job offer or any positive message related to your profession. You may be harsh with your spouse, it’s a piece of advice to avoid any prompt decision.


Gemini: Income will complement your expenditure. Watching movie, spending money on fun and frolic will please you more than anything else. There is possibility of misunderstanding with mother in this period.  Your effort to keep yourself involve in your passion will be appreciated. At time you will be surrounded by pessimistic thoughts but you need not to worry, it will disappear too very soon.


Cancer: Week will give you zest, inspiration and pleasure to take up any work and justify too. In society, your words will be given value and people will have to follow your words, willingly or unwillingly. Health will be sensitive, you can’t take it for granted. Insecurity especially about your work and relationship will prevail in your behavior without any reason.


Leo: This week will bring change in your interest and now it may shift towards study or home-décor. Your creativity and skill will reflect in your work. Your control over your temperament will be better than last week. Financially, it’s a good time. Romantic life will not be up to the mark. Marital life may also be lukewarm. A moderate week can be expected.


Virgo: You will have to strive out of proportion to get your work done in this period. Your harsh mails or message may spoil relationship with siblings. It’s better to call them and speak upfront if you have any doubt. You may have some obstacles in professional front. If your individual period supports, then also you need to wait at least couple of weeks to settle the situation at work place.


Libra: You will be misunderstood among your friends. Though your interest would not be towards romance but your outlook will make others doubtful about your interest. This situation may be annoying for you. Your work area will be real exciting and thrilling. Most of the time you will be away from family in this period.


Scorpio: Thinking about work, work and work will be in your kitty of this week. Earning name and fame will be the only motto of you. Your family must be disturbed by your workaholic attitude. You will enjoy luxuries and other worldly pleasure without thinking much about expenses and income. A pleasant week can be experienced by you.


Sagittarius: Too much thinking and calculation about work and finance will fetch you in dark room. Taking up meditation or any other physical activity may help you to get rid of the pessimistic approach. Travelling for work or any charity cause can be expected. You need to take care of health, especially skin.


Capricorn: Despite no increment and any special appreciation, you will really relish your work and work place in this period. Situation will keep you in front, to lead the situation around and you will be successful in this task. Your confidence in expressing your views will be more and more now which will enhance your personality.


Aquarius: This period will keep you secured financially and this may further make you over-confident in your behavior. Keep your eyes and mind open before crossing the line of negative and positive side of it. Even your opponent will be in subdued mode. Drive safe to avoid accidents as this period indicates injury.


Pisces: Your situation will not match with your mental state. You will have lot of duties to follow which may disturb your happiness. Health will improve. Lot of insignificant things and situation will come in your mind. But reaching that level will not be very easy and this can cause disturbance in your day-to-day life.

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