Astrology : 25th November- 1st December


Astrology : 25th November- 1st December

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: You will enjoy better relation with your elder siblings. It’s better to keep yourself away from any discussion related to family. But no one can stop result of your effort. If you have been planning to move out of your native place, it’s time to exert your effort in getting your goal done. There may be opinion difference with spouse.


Taurus: An adequate balance between mental and physical strength may work wonder for you. On the contrary, a minute imbalance in your emotional or practical approach may destroy the scene. Public image of yours will be definitely better. Business people will take-up trip and this may turn into a successful trip professionally. A good week has been waiting for you.


Gemini: An inimical situation will be experienced around. Patience will work wonder for you in this period. Your concern will be your mother. It will depend on your personal chart about her wellbeing or your relation with her.  On the other hand, your mind will be pleasant and romantically involved in any of your passion. A moderate week can be expected.


Cancer: This week will have several things for you in the kitty. You may plan to spend money in fashionable items. Your mother will support you in your venture. Students may experience better result. Financial condition will be good. Romantic life will be fair enough to enjoy the week. You will get chance to meet those friends whom you didn’t meet for long time.


Leo: Planets movement will create more aggressive situation, but dealing them with patient hands may take you to righteous path. Undoubtedly your neighbours or siblings will co-operate you in pulling you out of any situation in this period.  The best part of the week, you will not be easily prey to any of your enemy. Overall, a week to fight the situation with strong determination is approaching you.


Virgo: You may have to face several situation to strive mentally but your determination will help you to pass through this too easily. Peace will be missing from your daily life. There is chances of disturbance at workplace, if the situation will not be handled carefully, this can toll on your health. Take out time for yourself, introspect, and re-think, this may help you.


Libra: Being critic may help others in improving them but it won’t leave you out of enemies in your court. Teachers, lawyers, consultants or those belong to food-industry will have good time. Your children will be reason of your smile. Job-prospects or right –direction for business will be on your way. A moderate period is waiting for you.


Scorpio: Your may have strong opinion about life and people around and mostly it will be positive and optimistic. Benefits from various sources can be experienced. Your involvement in your children or studies will be at its peak. Little difficulty to maintain marital life may arise. Elder siblings will be in action, it depends on your personal horoscope as well as running period, whether their actions prove fruitful for you or not.


Sagittarius: Time to strive even for silly issue is in your present platter. Be ready to face. Virtually, your attitude will become sadist. Relation with younger sibling or neighbor may not be appreciable. Your involvement in illegal or unethical deeds may be covered in this period but don’t forget, Karma doesn’t leave anybody forever.


Capricorn: Friends will be pinging and express their desire to meet you. Financial growth or condition will move in upper side of graph. Despite other good conditions, no one can stop you being lack of confident internally. The good part of this period will be, you will not surface your feeling and emotion in public. You will be considered as strong persona.


 Aquarius: You will be too much agile, aggressive and prompt in your action and this may result with bad remark too. Take decision after given thought many times before hand. Your approach may create enemies. They may disturb you mentally but significantly you won’t be effected. You will put extra effort at work, which will be acknowledged by your boss too,


Pisces: Despite no grudges or dispute, your marital status will not be appreciable in this period. You will be involved in donation, spirituality and charity. Take care of food, eating habits and digestive system. You will find yourself confused in your decision. Financial condition will be good. Overall a good week can be felt.

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