Astrology: 17th March-23rd March


Astrology: 17th March-23rd March

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Aries: You will be adamant in your decision in this period in such an extent which you might repent later. There can be a possibility of facing an obstacle on the way of the sources of income. You will extend your hand to help underprivileged or anybody who genuinely needs you. You may behave rashly with a partner. Skin problem may start or if you have already been suffering with it, it will bother you more.


Taurus: Chanting mantra, reading Holy-books or involving in such activities will give you real pleasure in this period. There is a possibility of spending money without any wise planning. Your decision may take up the shape of controversy. This may affect your image in public. Kids may give reason to disturb your peace.


Gemini: This period will stuff you with several ideas with bold logic to express your views about the condition around. You can’t ignore the sensitivity of relationship due to such attitude of yours. You will be very professional in your dealings. Enemies will have to take a back step as they won’t have enough courage to confront you.


Cancer: Planetary position will keep you more vibrant and active in your action and reaction. There may be a chance that your vision and mission will be accomplished in this period. You may face difficulty to deal with your boss in this period. The financial aspect of life will be good. Romantic life will not be up to your expectation.


Leo: You would like to stay in seclusion for a short period. Many ideas and creativity will pop-up in your mind. Your work will speak louder than your words. If your promotion or increment is due, this is the right time to expect it. You will enjoy more than one source of income. Relation with spouse will improve in this period. Students will perform better.


Virgo: There is a chance to get involved in any legal case. Try to delay or avoid it for the time being. You will face many obstructions to reach your goal. You will be in a relationship with somebody, this may be very difficult to maintain as a long time relationship. Partner will try to overpower you in most of the decision, this will cause botheration indeed.


Libra: You will find yourself in a carefree mood, at the same time you would like to obey certain rules and regulations. Sudden gains can be expected in this period. Chances of sleep-deprived may be experienced. Your schedule would be probably focused around the kid or anything related to the kids. Love life would need your extra attention in this phase.


Scorpio: Your attention towards your partner will be more, and this may be either due to positive reason or negative reason. It depends on your personal running period of your individual horoscope. An inflow of money will be satisfactory but the accumulation of wealth will be better. Your health will also improve. You may spend money to renovate your home.


Sagittarius: You may impose your old school of thought on your partner. This may affect you, quantum cannot be guaranteed. This may depend on personal running period as well as the strength of all planets in your chart. Accountants or those who work for money transaction in any firm, need to be more careful. You need to be more attentive about your electronic gazettes in this period.

Capricorn: Planets will bless you with extraordinary courage and confidence to go through all odds easily. You will add extra bucks in your kitty.  Support from senior or boss is going to add flavor in your life definitely. Promotion or increment can be assured if you’re running period help even a bit. A good is coming your way.


Aquarius: Many ideas and your opinion about certain things may be fixed for you. And getting it delayed will bother you the most. The workplace may be a bit uneasy place for you. Students may expect good performance. Your unidirectional schedule will hover around your child or beloved. Relation with a partner will also improve.


Pisces: Your health may create an illogical and unnecessary fear inside you but your lord Jupiter will keep blessing you to ward it off easily. Marital happiness will improve eventually. Your mental strength will take you on a righteous path. Your spiritual instinct will bless you with the best of deeds in this period.

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