Astrology: 17th June 2018 To 23rd June 2018 - One World News

Astrology: 17th June 2018 To 23rd June 2018

Astrology: 17th June 2018 To 23rd June 2018

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to”


Aries:  Possibility of opinion difference with younger siblings can be expected.  This week brings a sense of confidence, but drawing a line between being over-confident and confident will be the most important part of the moment. Otherwise, you will be misunderstood among your loved ones. No one can stop you living your life king size in spite of the not very pleasant situation.


Taurus:  Your Endeavour to keep the situation in your hand may be taxed in this period. Your bank balance will be a strength to keep on going on the right path. The workplace will be another added area of happiness. Some of you may get chance to extend your family. A donation, charity or deeds related to social upliftment. A baggage full of adventures and gains can be expected.


Gemini:  Your lord is placed with you to save your minor mistakes in this period but still you need a serious introspection about your role and responsibility. Rahu is helping you to communicate smartly to save your image. The professional front will not be easy. You may get money from an unexpected source.  Keep your ego aside to avoid any mistake.


Cancer:  All focus will be at the romantic end of your routine. You may ignore some of your important duties. Your spouse will be one of them.  You will be influenced by your friends and their luxuries. Your relationship may face break-up in this week. Be careful. You will miss inner pleasure due to no substantial reason.


Leo: You will get a chance to spend time with respectable people. This may be one of the indications of monetary benefits in the future. You will relish the luxurious side of your life. Your opponents will be found in defensive mode. You may have very much trust issues with almost everybody; this indeed will place you in the detrimental position.


Virgo:  Beware of the glitters or flatterers who will boast about you and your achievements which actually they didn’t mean. Just follow your usual schedule, do not try to add any new mission in this phase as this may keep you at the wrong place. The professional front will be up to the mark.  Drive safely or avoid being on driving seat.


Libra: This week will bring you happy bag in your daily schedule. A female may help you at the workplace. You will face a very pleasant environment in the office. Buying or selling a property may be one of the points in the agenda of this week.  Siblings will come forward to improve relationships with you.  You may plan a short visit this week. A good week is knocking at your door.


Scorpio: A good time for your partner which will add flavour to your life. Short journeys can be expected in this period.  Health may disturb a bit due to seasonal ailments but the financial condition will be better. You will also spend money on donations or any other charity mission. Your boss may talk and plan about your increment or promotion in this week which may fructify after few weeks.


Sagittarius:  You will be more straightforward in your approach in public. Younger siblings will be in good position.  You will be travelling in this week. If you have to decide and convey any important issue to somebody then go for written mode rather than verbal one.  You may indulge in an illegitimate relation which may be exposed in public. Try to keep yourself away from such situation.


Capricorn:  Temperamental issue may disturb your blood pressure.  Try to introspect yourself. Minor health problem may bother your schedule. There is a possibility of having a relationship with somebody from the undesirable community. Expenses will be more than expectation. Inner peace will be missed this week. New enemies will crop-up around, stay careful.


Aquarius:  Week for that couple who has been not in a good relationship for last few weeks, they will find their spouse would suddenly respecting or loving them. You will praise your spouse.  Few of you will finalize your marriage date. Mentally you will be very activated and agile which will not let you sit in one place and think over any problem in deep. Time to sit and rethink about life.


Pisces:  This period will be little confused and difficult to decide the proper direction. Your mind will be in a very non-serious rather romantically too much activated. This situation will disturb your routine work. Friends may not prove themselves true and loyal before you.  Income from a foreign land is strong.

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