Astrology : 17th February-23rd February


Astrology: 17th February-23rd February

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Your energetic and pragmatic approach towards life would again awake the people around you after a long span. The business of cosmetics, furnishing or home décor may flourish. You will come forward to support any noble cause.  Monetary aspect will be wavering. Gain from children will be there but your expectation will be not reached by their effort.


Taurus: Your work demands your focus and dedication in this period more. Students may face minor obstacles in getting their goal done. You may impose your desire on your spouse or even a business partner, eventually, peace will be at bay. Your male friends, elder to you or from foreign land may guide you for something which may turn to be worse for you.


Gemini: Planets are strengthening your married life and providing comfort to relish the moment. Mother’s health may be disturbed. Dental care should be your priority to avoid further deterioration, especially in this period. Your work will be as usual good and praised by colleagues. In general, the situation will work as per your requirement with immense patience not without patience, mind this.


Cancer: You may have the influence of foreigners or unorthodox people. The bank account will give you a reason to relax financially. Students’ performance will be really appreciable. Your words will have a strong impact on the person, whom you would like to convey. But in the process, you will not be careful about your health.  Keep a check on your Blood pressure, if you have any such record.


Leo: You can expect improvement in health in this week.  Professional status may be enhanced. Financial condition will improve and those whose work had been at standstill for the last few weeks, they may get movement in their work. You may have more courage to take your decision and executing on your own in this period.


Virgo: Gym, sports complex or any one of such place should be present in your schedule to avoid health problems. Taking loan or borrowing money in this period may not go well with you. Students will perform well. Your suggestion will work wonder for others but your words can be taken by few as your arrogance. By God’s blessings, you will be facilitated with adequate luxuries.


Libra: You will find yourself introvert or some of you would like to stay secluded for the time being  Your partner will be strong enough to support you as a strong pillar under any circumstances. But you will not reciprocate with equal love. Otherwise, also Love life needs you handling it delicately.  Export-import businessmen will be benefitted.


Scorpio: Children, romance and studies will be hovering around your mind, it depends as per your age, place, and situation around. Inculcating habit of daily meditation or any physical activity may help you to have control over your anxiety even for a silly reason. Avoid pushing your spouse or partner for your own benefit will bounce back you, so avoid this attitude.


Sagittarius: Your plans may face obstacles in this week. Even your relationship with a new friend would not reach your level of expectation. The seasonal ailment may disturb you. Your decision can be very quick and destructive. Before entering into any relationship or to continue the old relationship, you may have to give-up ego and accept humility wholeheartedly.

Capricorn: Windfall can be expected in this week. Friends from different walks of life may come across in your life unexpectedly. You will make your path on your own and walk along. In short, your determination and will-power will let you continue your journey to attain your goal. Medical issue may bother you a bit for a new couple of weeks. Avoid arguing with loved ones even if it is for the right cause.


Aquarius: Your one point program of co-operating with your partner and making your conjugal life calm, may be partially successful. You may have chances of getting a transfer of workplace or an undesirable placement can be foreseen. Keep a check on B.P., if you have History of Blood pressure otherwise also, you may face such issue.


Pisces: This planetary position will add your happiness related to children. Students of this sign will do well in their studies. Short journeys will be successful. You will not feel pleasant at the workplace. An aura may create negativity around to pull you out of the path of your ambition. Marital life will also need more effort to sustain it.

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