Astrology: 16th June-22nd June


Astrology: 16th June-22nd June

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to



Aries: This is the time when you need to be extra cautious in every relationship. Your each and every word will be counted to be countered. So, either stay silent or keep yourself away from involving yourself in such discussions. The financial aspect will be moderately good. If you have any court case or dispute related to land or any sort of properties, it’s not the right time to take a decision or confront anybody about it.



You will find a better mood in this period. You may speak too much for no reason or illogical, if not taken care. Be careful in any communication. Kids may bother you for any reason. You would come forward to take much responsibility unlike before. ENT will be the reason for concern. Support of spouse will be your strength.



You will try to dictate your terms and conditions in your relationship. Imposing yourself and your choice on a partner would not be liked. Lot of planning and execution of the same will be keep on hovering in your mind. Other side of routine will be very comfortable. Spirituality, donation as well as spending money for worldly pleasure will go hand-in-hand.



This week will bring many reasons to spend money. Friends will add flavor in life. Be careful about the agenda and area of expenditure to avoid further repentance. Once in a while you will find yourself aloof and striving more than required even for silly things, but it won’t long last. You may get aggressive with your partner, which can turn into bitter atmosphere around.



Planetary position will provoke you to do certain things which may disturb your personal happiness. Special area of concern is your partner and kid. Professionally, it’s a good week. Income will not be up to the expectation. Malefic planets will give you reason to be aggressive as well as express your temperament through words. Try to avoid such situation in your day-to-day life.



Your being workaholic and giving your best will keep you busy but at the same time, you will find yourself isolated from the society. Be careful about colleagues and their conspiracy against you. Do not trust anybody at workplace. Parental bliss will be missing. Improvement will be experienced in your relation with partner or spouse. Do not go for rash driving. Even thinking about renovation of home or any plan regarding home décor should be delayed.



Business persons need to be careful about their dealings, especially those who deal with foreign companies or products. Those professionals who belong to communication or writing, this time warns you to be more cautious about your work. If you are into a relationship, this period will lead you towards breaking it off. Your effort to let it survive can save it otherwise it’s a difficult to time for romance.



Your lord seems weak in this week. Going for any adventurous activities, driving or any such activities may land you to danger. Your right eye may bother you, if you have any such history of eye issue. Health must be in the top position in your priority life of the week. Finance will be one of the good area of life. A week full of dilemma and doubts is approaching you.



This period may bring you a set of ideas related to your work. And your effort to get them done will be at its best, it will nevertheless reach your level of satisfaction. Your opponents may prove helpful for you in your venture. Stay away from lottery or stock market in this period. Diabetics should visit to their family doctors, if any complication found, do not ignore.



Your mind is in dual state at this point of time. One side compels you to have friends and chill out while other side repels you from such thought. Wait for few more weeks to come out of such mental state. Those, you were considering as your foes, will try to approach you. This week will bring mixed feeling in you.


In this period, in your eyes, respect for your spouse will be more. Diet should be under check as you may face digestion problem in this period. Students may perform something wonderful with hindrances while those who are working in any company, can get problem at work. Overall, a good week is on your way.



This week may bring anxiety and stress for you. Surprisingly, you will get such feeling more when you are surrounded by loved ones. You will be more decent in your behavior in comparison of previous weeks. You will plan something related to your home or home décor in this week. A lukewarm week can be expected.

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