Astrology : 16th December- 22nd December


Astrology: 16th December- 22nd December

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to

Aries: Transition of Sun into Sagittarius would have a better effect for you. Money inflow will improve. You will muster the courage to take a wild step towards your goal. Only if your individual running period will not very supportive, then you may have to face failure otherwise this planetary condition must land you in your targeted goal. Your relation will improve with your kids.


Taurus: Despite all facilities and favorable conditions around, you will have to strive for most of your ventures in this period. The professional front may face little variation. But a balance in your determination and commitments for your loved ones is utmost important this week. You may get into a relationship. A moderate week can be expected.


Gemini: This period will bring many upheavals in your lifestyle. Your pessimistic approach may bother your personal life. But your slow and steady moving luck will get your thing done finally. You will pose in public as a serious figure while the truth will not match with your outlook. You will be in the very romantic mood with a creative passion on your head and attitude.


Cancer: A situation where you will have to take your call, you won’t feel it easy. In the process, you may inflict yourself mentally. Opponents will not be able to face you with a comfortable mood. Still, you will be troubled by them mentally. Internal happiness can be felt with luxurious things around. Overall. A lucky week can be seen.


Leo: Your lord will transit in the fifth house, this can increase your creativity. Students will be able to get more. Stay careful while going out for lunch or dinner, as this may disturb your digestion. You may plan for a short trip and this will be one of the successful journey. Love with the partner will be more and appreciable. Be careful about strangers or those whom you don’t know more as they may turn into your enemy.


Virgo: This planetary condition will add flavor to your communication. Your control over your temperament and dealing with people would be appreciated. Financial aspect will be safe. Despite your luck May not very favourable, your determination and will-power will let you go with doubts indeed.


Libra: Family dispute can be expected in this period. Your effort to teach or guide people around may backfire you. In a spurt of disappointment, you may use harsh words with loved ones. Traveling for a purpose will definitely come in your favor. But younger sibling or neighbors need your extra attention to satisfy their intention. Overall, a week full of cautious and precautions is approaching you.


Scorpio: This period will bring several ideas related to money and crave to get the sources of earning. You must stop think and rethink before leaping into the execution of your planning. Your main objective of all of your actions will be based on finance, education and your kids. Rest of the part will actually won’t exist in your thought, at least in this period.


Sagittarius: One of the most beautiful week you will witness in this period. Your aspiration of being an entertainer or the best host among your friend’s circle will be going to take place in this period. Donation or anything related to charity will be preferred in your schedule. But personal life cannot be guaranteed as a peaceful part of the routine in this period.

Capricorn: Your friends will come from different walks of life and they will give you a reason to think about yourself. From the last few months, you have been going through an identity crisis, but this period is definitely going to give you a smile on your face. Your boss may be going to add flavor to your workplace. Overall, a week with changes will be witnessed.


Aquarius: This period will get you more close to your partner. Positive aspects of a partner will be flashing and floating before you. Monetary part of life will also be up to the expectations. Despite all positive situation, you won’t be able to avoid your hidden enemies. Keep a check on your arrogance in your day-to-day behavior with loved ones.


Pisces: Your actions will be full of conviction with a sober approach in public. The best part will be your gesture with loved ones but another side of your personality will give you a short journey. Marital happiness will be a toss for sure. Even the mother will not be the reason for happiness. A week where your willpower and continuous effort to let go is going to work.

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