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Astrology: 16 September- 22 September


World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries:  Good news from your children can be expected. Technical natives and sportsperson of this sign will come across good time.  But in general, this is not a very promising time for other professionals. Several ideas may crop-up abruptly; the quality of ideas depends on your individual chart. As you may land at the right place with the best of your ideas or your idea may suffocate others.


Taurus: This week will drag you to some of the family dispute, if not faced it sensibly, chances of suffering defeat in it. Despite your being aware of the situation around, your unanticipated action may ruin the scene. It’s better for a rethink before leaping into any action. Planning to change the present work will be in your forthcoming agenda.


Gemini:  You will reap your own sown crop of hard work at the beginning of this week. By the end of the week, you will start feeling relaxed. Life will move at a slow pace in a positive direction but will keep moving without pause. After a long span, you may have a pleasant opinion about life. You may get good news if you have been waiting for having a new member in the family.


Cancer:  Your own imagined world may keep you restless. Your approach with loved ones will be equally strong and harsh. This behavior may lead to a disturbed personal life, especially with a spouse. Despite having a safe job, your relationship with your immediate boss may not be congenial. As week will advance, you will be able to communicate your opinion in a better way.


Leo:  Introvert and mystique side of you will surface in your society. This will add beauty to your image. Financial gain can be expected in the coming period. You will have to cross hurdles to reach your goal but your achievement is assured.  Pessimistic thought and the temperamental issue may disturb you for the time being. A moderate week can be seen.


Virgo: After a few weeks, you may experience yourself on the right path. Your expenses will also be under control. Your thoughtful approach will fetch your loved ones in the state of shock as they have been your image of having a casual attitude towards life. Financially a good period is coming your way, need to have a good communication to get the maximum positive result.


Libra: Planets are moving towards the house of expenditure, you will get ways to spend money ruthlessly. Your perspective on living life will suddenly take a U-turn and this will lead to your friends and acquaintances. This will provoke you to be spendthrift. All such condition would definitely create conflict with family members.


Scorpio: You may expect guests in this period. Working environment will improvise. But you need to exert much effort for having a good conjugal life in this period. The best part of this week will be your attitude, which will let you spend money on luxury as well as charity. Sportspersons will pass one level ahead. A good week is knocking at your door.


Sagittarius:  Your siblings will have a very good time. Your relation with kids will also be fruitful in many ways. Your action and reaction in every family affair will be way more appreciated. Business persons will also have better dealings in this week. Word of caution is “stay careful with your subordinates” otherwise you will land into false allegations.


Capricorn:  Week will begin with a sluggish move but as day advances, things will place at right block. You will be thinking of adding few artifacts in your home décor. This week may give you a genuine reason to justify your opinion or actions with a gentle attitude. Income from a foreign land or import-export can be experienced. A cool week is approaching your way.


Aquarius:  Your contacts and acquaintance will help you to boost your confidence too high. Your marital life will be definitely stained due to your over-confident gesture towards most of the situations. Your interest in secret things and mystique science will be inflated.  A pessimistic thought or phobia about your children may hover in your mind in this week. A mixed bag will be experienced.

Pisces: Planets are moving in such a house which will bother your relation with a partner. At the same time, your partner will get some gain in day-to-day life. You will find yourself in the dilemma of choosing the correct path for yourself. You would prefer to speak in this period. Those professionals who belong to consultations, teaching or Banking will perform well.

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