Astrology: 15thJuly 2018 To 21st July 2018 - One World News

Astrology: 15thJuly 2018 To 21st July 2018

ASTROLOGY: 15th JULY 2018 TO 21st JULY 2018

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries:  You may anticipate from your work more than its real worth, which will further give you frustration.  Feeling aloof in the crowd, this can be your condition in this week.  Ironically, few of you may begin your romantic inning in this period. But those who have already been into a relationship, they can face a tough time to retain it.  The suggestion of this week for you “ do not leap into conclusion without knowing the facts.”


Taurus:  Week will continue with the same mood as last week but mid of the week may change you in a more aggressive personality.  Delay any plan of renovating your home or buying a plot or land in this period. You may be having some problem due to parents. Have patience, and then act. Avoid rushing into any decision. Overall, your luck will save you from many ordeals if your personal horoscope also supports.


Gemini:  You will be extremely focused with your immediate family.  Despite many reasons to speak your mind, you will prefer to be a silent onlooker.  If your personal period doesn’t support you, there is a chance to have a problem in your right eye. The misunderstanding may crop-up in this period. The week will start with ego and end with a sensible state of mind.  Financial condition will either go up or stay stable.


Cancer: Ego, pride and too much self-respect conscious persona will be reflecting within you. You will get money from a source and this money will not be your self-earned money.  You will be relaxed at work. Health will not match the pace of another successful area of life. Students will have a win-win situation in their effort.

Leo:  Time to pull-up socks and get ready to face the challenges you are going to face in this period.  You will squander money for trivial pursuits.  A hope of compensating money will keep you going on. Your opponents will have a tough time to face you if the period of your opponent is even little weaker. But your health will also be under check.


Virgo: Planetary condition will get you to help from domestic as well as international people beyond expectation. Students will have moderate performance.  Romantic life will also be in dilemma. You will be tagged as spendthrift in your friend circle. A loan should be avoided in this period. Your friendship will take the next step in the relationship.

Libra:  Meeting beautiful women, luxuries, recreations will be the main points of this week’s agenda.  Females will be helpful for you this week. Business persons will have a good time. Some of you may start your new venture. Children will be the reason of smile on your face. If you have a cardio problem, then stay extra careful.


Scorpio: Week will begin with the same attitude as it was in the last week. There would be a noticeable change in your behavior by the end of this week.  Still, your temperament will be in a fluctuating state.  Mother or any motherly figure of your life will be the cause of concern for you in this period. The benefit in any form from any source can be experienced by you. Interest in occult or such kind of mystic science will be more.


Sagittarius:  Illegitimate relationship or any unethical work you may take-up in this period with a lot of justifications for the same.  Be careful because there is a chance that you might be caught in public with your real face. A spouse may act smartly which will be perplexed you about your next move. Try to avoid any harsh communication.


Capricorn:  Your mind will be in quest of a perfect partner.  Your perfectionist mind will find it difficult for one at this point which may further frustrate you. The best part of this period will be your selection of words in presenting your emotion.  Your all points will meet you for sure but not on time. A moderate week can be expected.


Aquarius:  This week will begin with a quarrelsome state of mind which will make you realize you’re being very argumentative for small issue too especially with your partner. God’s grace will be there to control your action. But the effort to put things at the right place will also be felt by you indeed.


Pisces:  This week will have a pack of good and not so good matters to face. Siblings will not be supportive in any way. Speed of work will also be slower than expectation. The beginning of this week will keep you a bit of pessimistic in your behavior and hope. But gradually this pessimism will turn into aggression.  Keep yourself busy with your passion to stay yourself away from any negativity around.

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