Astrology: 15th September- 21st September

Weekly horoscope: 12th January to 18 January

Astrology: 15th September- 21st September

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Week will begin with an active routine. As week advances, you will have some anxiety related to your own children. Students will find it difficult to score in their examination during this period. Your aggression may toll family peace as well as your health. Financial gains from unknown source can be expected.


Taurus: This period provides you strength physically as well as mentally to face several ups and downs positively. You may face some problems at home related to water, seepage etc. Stomach problems can be faced during this period. You will be more concerned about well-being of your kids. Professional turbulence may be on your way. Be patient and calm, this will pay you later.


Gemini: This week will improve your relation with younger siblings. You may have an argument with your mother. Your interaction with loved ones may go worse unknowingly. Be cautious. Your professional stature will be brighter. Despite a decent income, your level of satisfaction will not be reached. A moderate week can be expected.


Cancer: You will be eagerly sharing your experiences of life with someone whom you feel your best pal, later you will realize that was wrong choice. The best part of this period will be your commanding personality. You will take front seat in every affair of home. Your friends may misguide you if you are going to take it in light note. Stay careful.


Leo: This week will start with same note as it was in previous week. By the mid-week, your focus will be inclined towards family more. Financial area of life will be moderately good. Your interaction with strangers or your own people will be more strategical in this period. Your mind seems ready for meditation effortlessly. Situation will move according to your choice and need.


Virgo: Your personality will appear more dominating in public. You will try to impose your choice on your partner. You will be spending money for no reason and realizing your own mistake later. It is suggested to take suggestion from someone reliable. Monetary benefits can be seen in this week. Overall a good week is coming on your way.


Libra: Your attitude will be quarrelsome with your loved ones in this period. Your money will be spent for luxury as well as for displaying your worth in society. You will get angry for silly reason and this may further disturb the cordial atmosphere of home. Friends will support you emotionally. This week advices you to go for peace.


Scorpio: Your area of acquaintances may expand in this period. This will be quiet helpful for you.  Your will be relived from tension especially from your mother’s side. You may expect a windfall in this period. Those who have been waiting for progeny, there is possibility of getting good news in this period.


Sagittarius: Planets are creating such a situation where you won’t have any choice other than settling score with your partner or spouse. You may face trust issue in this period. You need to put an extra effort to gain confidence. Your area of concerned will be your parents. You will have more work pressure in your office, even boss will be another pain of this period. 


Capricorn: A more confident person in you will be surfaced-up in this period. Movement or travelling can be expected in this week. Judges will perform better especially judges who deals with criminal. You may or will wish to work for underprivileged strata of society at your level. An argument with father can be seen in this week.


Aquarius: Some of you will blabber while some of you will speak excessively sensible as per your individual horoscope. Orator, Consultants, Hotel industries, Bankers or Educators may have good time in this period. You may have to fight a case for inheritance. Relation with spouse may improve a bit.


Pisces: Your generous thought process about human life will give you immense peace in your day-to-day routine. Your effort to get peace won’t be able to fulfil in this period with spouse and mother. Students will do better. You will get happiness from your children. You will be extremely determined and continuous effort to reach your goal will continue.

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