Astrology : 15th April 2018 To 21st April 2018

Astrology: 15th April 2018 To 21st April 2018

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week.  Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practising Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: After a long time, you will feel connected to your siblings. Benefit from communication can be seen in coming days. Even your kids who had turned into a stranger, they will try to be close to you.  Gains will be on your way but getting it with immediate effect won’t work.  Somewhere your spouse will be disturbed which may not be helping you to add flavour to your life.


Taurus: You may plan to change your work. Father’s health or temperament may keep you busy. Even your own health will need your attention in this week more. If you have planned to avail loan, this is not the right time. You will be in a confused state of mind for few decisions. Seek suggestion from your well-wishers whom you trust the most.  Do not take a rash decision and later fool around.


Gemini: the Structured and systematic style of work will keep you on your toe. This may disturb your schedule and your personal life as well. Expression of opinion will not match with your intention. Be cautious before putting your words before loved ones.  Success seems assured by two malefic planets but it won’t be a cakewalk for sure.


Cancer:  Those, who have been involved in Occult sciences, life insurance agents, Researchers etc, will have a good time in coming days. The legal issue if any, it’s your turn to win. Romantic life will be in the toss. Do not take it for granted. Enemies at workplace will be highly activated. Play safe. Help from parents will be easily gained. Overall a good week with a restless mind.


Leo: This planetary combination will provide you ways to earn money without any prior information or plan. Working for society and moving towards spirituality will be on your schedule more in this period. Professional field will be a pleasurable area of life. But love life must be disturbed for the time being. A successful week with disturbed personal life can be expected.


Virgo:  Lot of reason for your being diverted from work can be seen. Married people may have disturbed life in this period. Being too much of reluctant for your demand and at the same time having pessimistic thoughts will definitely be the reason for your disturbed mental state. Be careful about your friend circle. Despite all adverse condition, the best part of the week will be your safety from opponents.


Libra: This week will bring a mixed bag for you. Your spouse may give you financial benefits at the cost of personal disturbance. The dominance of spouse will not be easy for you to bear. Retrogression of two major planets may slowly affect the pace of getting your work done. Hard work will definitely be rewarded with your perseverance in coming days.


Scorpio:  You will be very much involved and enjoy your family. But your own kids will be the reason of botheration in the coming week. Avoid being harsh with them. Keep yourself away from any serious family affair. The workplace will not be a peaceful place anymore in this period.  Source of finance or any sort of benefit will be moderately good.


Sagittarius:  Your temperament and expressing your emotion will be the reason for adding more enemies on your list. Controlling your activities especially illegal or behind the door activities will be caught easily. Be extra careful. You may indulge in an unnecessary argument with mother. Travelling should be avoided. Your opinion about life will be perplexed because you will find yourself in between spiritual and worldly life.


Capricorn: Your personal life will be a bit miserable condition but your determination to get over this situation will make it way easier for you to face. Your inclination for the accumulation of money may fulfil soon. Those who are planning to tie the marital knot, this may be the right time to approach.  Your skill will be rewarded unexpectedly in coming days.


Aquarius: Planets are informing your success in many areas of life which you have been expecting for last many days. Planning of expansion of family will work if your personal running period in your individual chart also supports it. Opponents will appear from nowhere. Be ready to face them and stay careful in handling them.


Pisces: You may experience dispute with your partner for no reason.  Food habit may disturb your digestive system. This week should be taken seriously for health. The money will give you unnecessary insecure feeling.  Anger issue will exist in most of your actions. Going for a workout or any sort of meditation will be helping in this situation.

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