Astrology: 14th July – 20th July


Astrology: 14th July – 20th July

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Your lord is in fierce mood. This mood will give you enough confidence to express your talent in public. ‘Living your passion’ will be new highlight of this week. You may get involve into unorthodox activity or people of different religion. You have been waiting for some payment since last few weeks, now it’s time to have some hope and scope through authentic source.


Taurus: Your effort will be added in your routine. Your anxiety for getting your goal would not be under your control. Time says to keep patience intact and wait for the right time to reach your goal. You may blame for your failure to get your target on time to your family members. But best part of this period is your skill to express your feeling in the most diplomatic way.


Gemini: You will be facing a misconception about relationship specially with opposite gender. Even though you may have differences of opinion with spouse but you will act smartly to maintain the peace. If you have any legal issue at court, try to delay it. You must avoid taking loan in this period. Do not take any foe lightly, as this can be dangerous for you.


Cancer: Week will begin with hot temperament but post mid-week will be more like an egoistic person than a temperamental soul. Your friends may guide you to sort out your day-to-day silly issues. Income and expenditure will go hand-in-hand in this week. You will plan to pursue higher education and going in the direction to achieve it, is another addition in your schedule of this week.


Leo: Staying away from comfort zone and still enjoying…this will be tagline for you in this period. You will be in mood of fun and frolics. Meeting people, recreation and fun activities will be in your list of this week. Money will be spent but it’s assured that this will be for good reason. Little improvement in relation with spouse will be felt.


Virgo:This week will bring friends from different walks of life. You will find yourself very upfront in your behavior. This attitude may hurt your loved ones. Students will find it difficult to concentrate at work. You may have planning for near future but while performing and execution, you will not reach at your target.


Libra: You may have illusion about yourself and misunderstanding about parents. Take out time, breathe in,and breathe out. Take any decision only after given thought many times. You will have strength of colleagues at work. You may try your hand for foreign assignment in this period. Overall, a moderate week can be expected.


Scorpio: You will feel the difference in your words while communicating with somebody. This difference is for an improvised version of yours. You will be recognized through your work. Your inner peace will be missing. Neighbors may create problems due to common property issue or any other behavioral problem. Stay cautious. You must try to go for regular physical workout


Sagittarius: You will be thinking too much about yourself and your family. In this race, you will not realize how far you have come from your loved ones in this journey. Researchers or those who have been involved in Occult sciences may have good time to explore more in their field. Be careful from enemies. Do not under estimate them.


Capricorn: Malefic planets are not letting you adjust with your partner. Situation will enrage you against your friends or close friend. Stay away from any sort of expectation in any relationship. You will fix your aim very high but your effort may not match with it. This discrepancy will be realized by you. A week to meet and greet friends and family is approaching you


Aquarius: Your Boss may be in a vital role of your life especially in this week. Your self-created image of some body will bother you. Live in real world with optimistic attitude otherwise planets will disturb you more than what you think. Love and romance will be in the air. It’s up to you. You take it or you waste it.


Pisces: Planets will help you to keep a beautiful and respectful view towards your partner or spouse. Your children will be your focal point in this period. Your decision will be in your favor. Luxury and home décor will be strongly in your action and mind. This week will give you sense of achievement. Overall, a good week can be seen on your way.

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