Astrology: 14 April- 20th April


Astrology: 14 April- 20th April

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Agility, aggression and being more active in your day-to-day life, this will be part of your daily schedule. Arrogance will also fall on your way of r behavior with everybody. This attitude may give you a mixed bag of results. For businessmen, it’s a good time to take a courageous step but for common people, this may disturb their relationship with loved ones. If decisions are taken wisely this week, then you can experience one of the best weeks.


Taurus: After a few weeks, you will find yourself relieved from a busy schedule and meeting your friends or loved ones will relieve you a lot. Spirituality will be added up more in your passion too. Contradiction will be found in your mood, at one point you will feel suffocated and another moment you will find yourself independent.


Gemini: Anxiety, an illusion of a never-ending situation will be experienced in this period. Troublesome relation with spouse or partner may be seen in coming days. Be careful about your public image, your silly action may be taken as a serious case. At workplace, female may come forward to help you and this won’t be easy to go through a situation at the workplace. Energy should be utilized in a positive direction, avoid bothering others for the sake of satisfying your ego.


Cancer:  A successful professional week is coming your way. Your opposition will give an unsuccessful attempt to pull you down. Most of you will take up a short but pleasant trip in this period. Financial growth can be seen. Sportsperson will have a win-win situation. Sleep may get disturbed in this period.


Leo:  Your father or fatherly figure is going to add flavor in your life. Your aura will have an intense positive effect around. Despite the resistance of oppositions, you will come out with flying colors. Friends from different communities, countries or unexpected old friend may come across your life. Keep a watchful eye on your eating habit to avoid stomach issue.


Virgo:  Concentration will be one of the most difficult situations at work for you. Students will rather find it way more difficult to focus on their studies. Mother will be one of the reasons for concern. Home will not be as comfortable as it used to be. Relation with the father may not be good. Or you will have to stay away from your father due to some unavoidable reason.


Libra: You should not ignore your health in this period. You may have to strive for everything in this period. But probably your effort won’t go futile. If you have been already involved in a marital dispute or legal case, avoid attending any date or delay such a situation for the time being. Drive safely. People working in communication or journalism will have a good time to give their best.


Scorpio: Aggression will shut your wisdom to take a sensible decision. This may further destroy your inner peace. You will indulge yourself in unethical deed. Even spiritual people of this sign won’t be in good practice. Professional aspect will be better. You will be mentally very pleasant but your approach towards people will not match-up with your inner mental state. You may be far away from diplomacy and sophistication.


Sagittarius: You may have two reasons to avoid mingling too much in society, it depends on your personal horoscope. Either you will have a feeling of supremacy or lack of confidence. Female may have a gynecological issue or even male may face problem-related to digestion. Do not ignore any physical uneasiness. Meditation or any physical activity will help you to calm down the situation.


Capricorn: Friends or acquaintance will be a great help for you in this period. You may travel with full of luxury around. Donation, charity or few of you may prefer isolation and detachment would be felt from worldly pleasure. The beauty of this week will be your being more decent and polite approach towards people around you.


Aquarius: You will experience isolated even in public. Friends may not come up to your expectation. Siblings will bother you due to some or other reason. Your parents will be your strength unconditionally. Students will perform better. Those, who are in marriageable age, they can expect a marriage proposal in this period.


Pisces: Week will begin with same pace but almost mid-week onwards you will start feeling relaxed as well as active in your attitude. Your ego and arrogance can be felt around. Your words can be strong but sensible too. Your relation with mother will be little disturbed. Even dispute with other family members can be possible in this period.

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