Astrology: 13th October-19th October

Weekly horoscope: 12th January to 18 January

Astrology: 13th October-19th October

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: This week will compel you to argue for most of the affairs. Be careful while expressing your emotion with your own kids. Your ego may backfire you in humiliating way. Your goal will have many obstructions on the way. Even your opponents will try to harm you directly or indirectly. Despite these adverse situations, you will get support and love from your spouse.


Taurus: Several reasons of anxiety will be there in this week. You will have fluctuation of feeling. Emotion, aggression as well as ego will clash with one another. Try to go for seclusion for some time or meditation will help you more than anything else. Students of this sign will come out with flying colours. If you have planned for availing loan, it’s better to delay for now.


Gemini: Anxiety for your image in public will bother you more for no reason. Your concern for mother also can be one of the reason to keep you gloomy. Marital bliss looks missing in this period. The best part of this week will be your determination to keep yourself happy. You will find ways to overcome any situation at ease.


Cancer: This is one of the best period to feel happy internally.You may have to face restructuring at work place or fear of the same. Opponents plan to harm you is not going to happen in this period. Romantic life will be in dormant state. Your planning to pursue higher education will go as per your plan. Overall a good week is going to knock your door.


Leo: Your concern for family and friends will be more in this period. Younger siblings or neighbours will be in pleasant situation and somewhere they are going to add flavor in your life. At profession, chances of uneasiness can be expected. Those, who are travelling, this can be a pleasant journey. You will get your goal in this week. A good is on your way to grace.


Virgo: Your health needs your time and attention more in this period. Financial gains from any or many sources can be expected. Professional aspect of life will also be favourable. Your communication skill or dealing with the people around is going to give you benefits. Even if you are surrounded with all worldly pleasure, you may find yourself aloof.


Libra: You will be more concerned about balancing your words and action in public. You will find faults in your relationship specially with siblings or friends. Parents will be there to help and support you. There is a probability of sudden expenses in this period. Business people of this sign should be little more careful in your deals.


Scorpio: You will come across influential people in this period. Though they won’t support you, yet your trust will remain same. Money will be secondary for you in the comparison of your friends. Try to keep your words sweet as malefic planets will not let you speak with pleasant words. You will find it difficult to maintain the relationship with cousins or friends too.


Sagittarius: Being more interactive with the people around would excite you more in this period. You will experience gain at workplace. This gain can be in any form; respect, position, perks or promotion. Your spouse or partner will give you one more reason to stay happy in this week. Business persons of this sign may get new opportunity in this week.


Capricorn: Slight changes in your approach towards life specially liking for isolation and preferring seclusion will be seen in this period. You may like being socialized, which had been not part of your routine for last few months. You may get your thing done with slow pace but definitely not going to face denial.


Aquarius: Your words may disturb your personal life in this period. You have been continuously behaving and being more politically correct with your people, but your temperament is not supporting you to do so. Somehow your parents will be able to manage the relationship in a positive way. This period will keep you awake about your words and interactive skill with loved ones. 


Pisces: This planetary condition will take you towards charity or spirituality. But marital happiness will take backseat for some time. You may have unknown fear at work place. Ego and short-tempered behavior may pop-up off and on in this week. Financial area of life will be satisfactory.

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