Astrology :13th January – 19th January


       Astrology : 13th January – 19th January

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to

Aries: Your lord and one malefic planet aspect your third house, this will push you to be more vocal with more of aggression and less of sensibility. This can directly effecting your public image or image before your partner. At the same time, your smart and continuous hard-work will help you to save any embarrassing situation in a delightful manner.


Taurus: Your skill will be surfaced and noticed before boss or any higher authority. Travelling to religious place can be seen in this period.  You will take up those ventures in hand easily, which were beyond your expectations. Businesspersons will be benefitted by their partners. Financial aspect may fluctuate. There may be chances of having cold war with spouse.


Gemini: Your work will need your maximum time, if you will try to ignore or delay your duty then you would be exposed. You will find your spouse dominating over many situation around but you may not be in a position to put forward your opinion openly. You must start physical work out to stay away from health issue.


Cancer: This week will carry forward the condition of previous week but by the mid of this week, your relation will slowly improve with loved ones. You may get a chance to get in touch with your old friends. Your decision regarding relationship will not be appreciable. You may stay away from family due to official work or any other commitment. You may plan to invest in land.


Leo: Your lord will transit in sixth house inrahu-ketu axis. You need to stay careful about health. You may face good or bad work condition at your work place, it depends on your individual running period butyour condition will be safe. Though, movement of your work pace is slow, you will be contented. A calm week can be found on your way.


Virgo: After few weeks, your inner happiness will start moving towards you. But students will find themselves less confident in their approach. Your strength of will power and determination will definitely give you success. Some of you may practice spiritual activity in the form of chanting mantra or hymns. A better week is approaching you.


Libra: Your involvement in family will be more but too much of interference in every family affair will spoil peace. Teachers, consultants and bankers will have good time. Some of you may be into relationship and you may plan to go advance. Your professional area will be activated in different ways, it may be related to backbiting, promotion or transfer, it depends of your personal running period.


Scorpio: This week will bring relief in your previous week’s temperament. Now you will have better control over your words. You may have doubt about religious matter, your belief in traditional rituals may not attract your attention. The best part of the week will be your proper balance in planning and execution of it in day-to-day life. You will have strict rule and disciplined attitude with your kids.


Sagittarius: Sun will transit into Capricorn, a bit better condition of your vision of life. Stress will start subsiding gradually. Your workaholic tendency will be recognized and appreciated among your colleagues.  Blaming and dominating your spouse or partner cannot be ignored in this period. If your individual running period supports you, then this is the right time to apply for studying abroad.

Capricorn: You’re, being detached from friends and family will be noticed. You will suddenly start believing traditional way of following religious rituals. Enemies will be back to you and admit their fault before you.  This is the right period to show your modesty and go ahead with the demand of situation. Number of friends are still on ascending order, try to filter the quality one of them.


Aquarius: Time to realize your mistakes but admitting it before others, doesn’t look easy for you in this period. Condition will provoke you to take initiative and lead at home for serious matter too. Still you take your time about your final decision. Despite adverse situation around, you will find this period as one of the few memorable moments.


Pisces: An agile person will awake within you. Your active schedule may pinch your opponents. Luck will favour you in taking up pilgrimage in this period or adopting any religious belief. Even your behavior with loved ones will show your humility.  Do not expect increment in this week. Your relation with spouse will not be good but it will not be exposed among loved ones.

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