Astrology : 12th November To 18th November 2017

Astrology : 27th March – 2nd April 2016

Astrology : 12th November To 18th November 2017

One World News brings to you, astrology predictions according to your sun sign for the week Astrology : 12th November To 18th November 2017, 2015 by the famous astrologer Kiran Rai Pandey. My Skype ID is kiran_18061 and Phone no. for watsaap, Viber is +97433517987. You can reach me through Acharya Kiran Pandey Rai on FB.


Aries: Health needs more time for you in coming days. Especially , those who has been having issue related to ENT, they should not ignore even small health issue. Some of you may tie knot or plan for the same with your long time love, in this week. You may add friends in your list. Overall a lukewarm week can be seen.
Taurus: This week may add foes either upfront or behind your back. Stay careful , especially expressing your emotion before anybody can prove blunder. Despite such adverse situation, your skill and creativity will pull you out with flying colours. Avoid involving yourself in share market or such kind of money making area of life.

Gemini: This week warns you to take precaution and keep yourself away from any communicable disease person. You may get involved in any land or building related property dispute. Go for easy on wheel, avoid rash driving. Your mother as well as your inner peace will be bothered in coming days. Be careful about your action and reactions.
Cancer: This period will compel you to have dispute with your partner. Your relation with someone known to you, may start in coming days. You will experience good vibe at work place. Your will get success over your opponents. But your mother can be reason of worry in this week.
Leo: This period will bring your communication skill way more stronger than usual. You may take up short journey in this week. You can have little disturbed time in the family. Try to stay away from any family discussion for the time being. Your friends circle will be lessen in this phase. Still your public image will be intact.
Virgo: Your luck will work miraculously in most of the area of life. Your strategy and its execution will work wonder but you should use it for positive achievements in life. You will have suspicion about the activities of your spouse. Avoid rash driving or it’s better to use public transport in this period.
Libra : Time to enjoy party and propitiation together. Your attitude will have apt blend of spirituality as well as worldly pleasures in this week. Partying with friends and visiting religious places can be enjoyed together by you in this period. Getting into relationship can also be seen. Do not leap into conclusion of the best about any stranger.
Scorpio: Your mind will not be at rest in these days. This hyper active mind may spoil your tongue which may hurt your loved ones. You may meet influential people but maintaining this relationship in positive way , may prove difficult. Expenses will be out of your expectations. The best part of the week will be getting into donation or any sort of social work.
Sagittarius: This week may bring good news for those businessmen who works for foreign products or foreign companies. You may get support from your parents or parents-in-laws. But health may equally bother you. If your spouse stays away, it’s time for him/her to get benefit in profession. Overall a good week can be assured.
Capricorn: This week may bring little uneasiness for you in your office but it won’t prolong. Your destiny will play a big and good role in coming days. But it will be compensated by you having restless mind in this period. Only area where you have to work, your speech. This may make you princess or pauper.
Aquarius : Your pious and clear opinion about different aspects of life will be appreciated. Be careful in your office about your work and strategy. Those who work for the work related to actuarial Science, research or occult Sciences, it’s one of the most awaited time knocking their doors.
Pisces : This week warns you to get into some physical workout . Your work will be recognized and appreciated in office. Donation, charity and social –work will be prime concern of this period. Your monitory condition will be stable . But mother will be bothered in this week.

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