Astrology: 12th May-18th May


Astrology: 12th May-18th May

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: With obstacles and delay, you will reach your goal with your determination. There are chances of health issues especially ENT (Eye, nose, throat). If any case related to ENT and even it seems non-serious in your opinion, do not ignore or delay to visit the doctor. It is advisable not to overreact in any situation, let the right time come to reply. Stay calm and patient.


Taurus: Week will start with a cold note but as it advances, your confidence will be reflecting in your actions but somewhere your attitude can sadden your loved ones. Behave maturely with your kids otherwise, they may react in a humiliating manner. You may experience little struggle at your work. A moderate week is coming your way.


Gemini: Your acquaintance or one of an influential friend may be meeting or can be beneficial for you in this period. But your anxiety cannot be denied. A strange thing will be bothering you with no clue around. You will be able to cross any situation easily but your temper should be under check. Prospects of promotion, increment or any kind of appreciation at work can be expected.


Cancer: Fun, pleasure and recreation will be there at the workplace. People from different religion or foreigner may come in your life to fill happiness in any form. But your relationship with a spouse cannot be taken easily in this period. The financial aspect will be good. Planning to pursue higher education from abroad may get stronger and working in that direction is also going to be more.


Leo: You will long to work more and more to get your goal easily at your disposal. And the success rate will be definitely appreciable in this week. A win-win situation from an unexpected corner of life will motivate you to work even harder. It’s more essential to balance your words and its effect on others to maintain happiness and peace around.


Virgo: This week will not be very exciting as a worker or student. Your struggle will add frustration and anxiety more for no reason. Drive safely and stay away from any kind of allergy in this period.  The monetary aspect of life will be satisfactory. Students need more effort to focus on their study. Love, romance or lottery will not work in the right direction.


Libra: Businesspersons will have a good time in their dealings. The business journey will give benefits. Love life may get disturbed due to your attitude. Parents may be a reason for concern. Bossing spouse or beloved/lover would be definitely a reason for further discontinuing relationship in this period. Getting success at your work will reflect in your relationship with arrogance. Try to maintain humility by keeping your ego in check.


Scorpio: Your silence will work louder than your words in this period. Use words if you don’t have any other option to express your emotion. Drink and drive are harmful to everybody, but for you even driving is not very safe in this period. Students will perform better. Your kids will be the reason for strength. Overall, a mixed bag will be experienced.


Sagittarius: This period is for self- realization of many vital but ignored aspects of life. You may get some reason to get disturbed due to your kids. Respect for spouse or trust for a business partner can be seen in the coming days. Professional condition or even those are working, can face an undesirable situation in the workplace. Your inclination towards spirituality, charity or any kind of pious deeds will be more.


Capricorn: This period is pleasant for workers at work and institution for students. Comfort in any form like happiness from the vehicle, home or mother can be felt in this week. Food and regular eating habits need a strict check to keep any stomach issue at bay. You must be planning or going for any kind of work which can be helpful for the development of society.


Aquarius: Aggressive thought and attitude may land you at the wrong place. Meeting old friends or distant relatives can be expected in this week. Your effort to impress them will really very difficult. Relation with siblings may improve. Financial condition will be moderate. You may find yourself aloof even in the crowd.


Pisces: Religious practice and good deeds will be hovering in your mind relentlessly. Your concern will be your parents due to some unexpected reason. The monetary aspect will be satisfactory. A business partner will prove beneficial in your deals. Your spouse is also going to help you in any form. A peaceful week can be expected.

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