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Astrology: 12th August- 19th August

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Astrology: 12th August- 19th August

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to

Aries:Time to pull up your socks with no reason to delay in grabbing any opportunity. You cannot deny the obstacles on your way indeed.  You may have a bit sensitive relation with siblings which either you should avoid or deal with a calm mind. Sportsperson of this sign may have a good time.  Exporters will get benefit in their dealing.


Taurus:  Romance is in and around you in this period. Kind of doubt and lack of conviction in your decisions will be found. Students who have appeared for competitive exams, they will get positive result. Do not take any rash move in your action and reaction. Unexpected money will make its way towards you.


Gemini:  Your inclination towards saving and other planning related to your finance will be very strong in this period. You will be able to accumulate satisfactory amount of money. Your effort to achieve worldly pleasure may increase unknowingly. Your opinion about pilgrimage will be very positive and this could lead you to further plan for one such trip in your near future.


Cancer: This week will lead you to dig and find your enemy simultaneously the strategies of sorting the issue it diplomatically. Your intellect and strategies may work out of your marital life. This may rather bother your personal life.  Monetary condition will be moderately better. You need a strict watch on your tongue.


Leo:  Sources of gains will be experienced on your way, at the same time your expenses may zero your income or it can adjust it in adequate way. Your words will be considered as beautiful way of communication and this will help you to get your work done in your way. You may get indulge into a relation with an older person. Play safe.


Virgo:  Planets will bless you with a pleasant thought. You may get ideas and options from influential people about your work. But such situation may give you a sense of self pride which can be sufficient to spoil your love life. You may act stubborn with your loved ones.  Your mother seems annoyed with your overall life pattern. Think twice before any action.

Libra: Your partner may extend hand to give you extra support.  You will be blessed with the luxuries more than what you could afford.  This is good time for those, who have passion to do something in the field of occult-sciences. Technical students will perform way better than before.


Scorpio: Your effort to get your goal will keep going with the attitude of not to give-up. Expenses on luxuries and wants may be high in this week. Your spouse will get monetary benefit in work.  Journalists will have good time in expressing their views and write-up.  You may feel inner satisfaction in your own shelter. Overall a good week can be expected.

Sagittarius:  Taking front seat in the family affairs may keep you on the toe.  Your interference in children’s life can turn into a blunder.  Writers or those who belong to communication field, they can do wonder, if supported by genuine effort.  But in general, professional aspect doesn’t seem smooth for you in this period.

Capricorn: Work pressure to get the name and fame in office will be your one-point mission at this moment.  You may have fear of losing it which can disturb you till any extent.  Venus will support you to fulfill your dreams in better way.  Lawyers, consultants or anybody from teaching faculty can churn their best recognition in this period.


Aquarius:  There may be a situation arise in your life where you cannot ignore the insecurity of job in this phase. Lack of marital contentment may distract you to indulge into illegitimate relationship. This will be appreciable to avoid or delay any short journey for the time being. Health will be one of the important factors in your weekly agenda.


Pisces:  Perception about your partner will be out of proportion for you. You will be highly impressed by your partner’s skill. Still sense of insecurity will hover in your mind.  You may be very straight in your words with your loved ones which may not be required. Anger issue may be one of the serious point in your daily life which needs a watchful action.

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