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Astrology :11th November- 17th November

Astrology :11th November- 17th November

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: This period brings you gifts, luxuries, worldly pleasure. You will enjoy socials. You may be more activated in any activity taken-up. Indulging into a relationship may be one of the main topic of the week. Your confidence level won’t be in same strength as it used to be there. Money which you lent somebody long back, this week will give you hope of assurance to get it back.


Taurus: Your creative mind and skill will become the reason of your disturbed life in this week. But, your efficiency of handling work will be recognized. This situation will add a feather in your cap, this may be helpful in your future. Stay careful while dealing any family matter at home. It should be certain decorum. Do not rush to any conclusion before judging any situation.


Gemini: Be careful from seasonal illness. Kids will be performing well in their workplace, this is going to give you immense satisfaction. Your strategy will work dramatically well with your family members and you will be praised among your loved ones. Your area of concern will be your mother. Financial aspect seems good.


Cancer: Though your restless thinking may bother you, at the same time a wise thought will prevail to subdue your feeling. Spending money on home décor or vehicle will not bother you. Avoid sending any strong mail to your boss in this period. An insecure feeling, regarding overall aspect of life will be hovering in your mind. Avoid rash driving.


Leo: You will put your extreme effort at workplace. Your effort will be noticed too. Word of caution “control your temperament as well as your communication with loved ones”. You are going to enjoy your work in this period. Short journey will be fruitful. Younger siblings will give reason to smile. Enjoy this period.


Virgo: Good news may knock your door in this period. You may get chance to work for foreign company. Even import-export dealers will be benefitted in their dealing. Travelling or any short trip may be taken up by you in this week.  Friends from different origin will be helping you in getting your work done.


Libra: There won’t be any major change in your condition from last week. But your sacrificial tendency for others will certainly increase.  Your strong notion and emotion in romantic life may keep you busy in your life. Students will have good time. Either your mother will be reason for your disturbance of your work may keep you away from home.


Scorpio: Time to spend in luxury and comfort, seems strong in your life. You will be meeting many people and relishing the moment. Your interest in renovating home décor specially wood-work will be more. Stay careful while driving. Love and relationship will not go well. Though you will be surrounded by all comforts, you may find yourself suffocated.


Sagittarius: You will be finicky about your surroundings. Female from neighborhood will come forward to help you in some matters. Get out of any unethical activities and under the table money. You will be carrying various plans for your future and getting them executed, may drag you to take-up unconventional way of earning money, if your individual horoscope also supports it.

Capricorn: This week is bringing lot of opportunities in the form of success, this may be small in size. This depends on your personal running period according to planets in your horoscope. You will be enjoying each and every win with full of enthusiasm. Monetary part of your life will be up to the expectation. Your lord’s placement in the house of salvation will keep you alone even among loved ones.


Aquarius: Your being so critic, may take you to wrong place. Analyzing anything and everything so minutely will keep you at loss. Your partner will prove strength for you. You will be work-centric in this period. Few decision taken by you in this period may prove futile. Your opponents will be easily over powered by you, this may make you over-confident. Stay careful.


Pisces: This planetary condition will bring many situations in your favor. At workplace, your work will be appreciated. Relation with mother and spouse would not be very good. You will plan to spend money in adventure and on your personal need. Keep control over your action and reaction on your partner

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