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Astrology : 11th February 2018 To 17th February 2018

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Astrology: 11th February 2018 To 17th February 2018

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week: 21st January 2018 to 27th January 2018.  Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to

Aries: will look  to  your  friends  for  emotional  support  and  they  will reciprocate  you  in the  same  cordial  way.  Your  elder  sibling  may  also  be  the  reason of  adding  flavor  in your  life in  the  form of  recognition,  money  or  affection.  This  circumstance  will  boost  your  courage  to  take-up  any   agenda  or  project  in your  hand  with  an  awesome  confidence.

Taurus:  Working environment will be good in this period.  Consequently, your working temperament will also be better.  Being careful in your approach with family members will work wonder in overall  pleasure.  Little smart effort will bless you with  more fruitful  results.  This  week  will  be  special  for  software  professionals, even those  who  work  related to  electronics,  may  have  good  time.

Gemini: This period will  bless you  with  subdued attitude  and  you  will prefer  avoiding  public. This  can be  taken as  a blessing  for those  who  opt  for  self-introspection,  meditation etc.  Monetary  concern  will  definitely  be  one  of  the  delightful  area of  this  week.  You  may have opinion  conflict  with your children.

Cancer:   Anger will  be  patch   your  personality  among  loved  ones. Love life  will be  affected.  You  may  crib for  your  achievements  because  you  will be  too much into  comparing  attitude.  Financially, you  will enjoy  your  moment.  You  may  avoid  sharing  your  thoughts  and  opinion  about  anything  with  anybody. Overall, a  thoughtful  week can be expected.

Leo:   This  planetary  position will  help  you  to  boost  your  trust  and  confidence   on yourself  as  well as  people  around.  Those  who have  been into  relationship for  some time, may  turn  to  plan  for  marriage   or  turn  into  marriage.  Your  work place  will  give  you  the  best  of  its  comfort.  In short, this  week  will bring  you  luck  and  happiness indeed.

Virgo:    Those  folk, who have  been connected  to  technical   area  or  any  sort  of  software  field,  they  have  one  of   the  best  period  of  their  career.  Stay  careful  before  taking  any  major  decision of  life  as  you  can be  very  much  daredevil .  You  must  take  advice  before  any of your  major  steps.  Opponents  will  be  powerless without any extra effort.

Libra :  You  will be  short-tempered  in this period  and  for  this  situation, you will be  the  culprit. So get  ready to  avoid , try  to ignore  such situation with a  smile and patience.  Your  friends  may  influence you  which will turn into misguidance.  Only  relief will be  your  parents support  and suggestion.  Try to follow to avoid any  wrong  path and decision.

Scorpio: Mars will show its  effect in your  approach with spouse or other loved ones. Your  health  may bother  you with  seasonal ailments or any  kind of  temporary illness. Your  effort  will churn out  result  to get monetary benefit  for sure. But  you may lack inner happiness  in this period. Do not  start any renovation work or purchasing land /building.

Sagittarius:   Travelling  may be possible in coming days.  You may  earn  through  communication skill or your oratory skill will fetch you  benefit.  You  may have  misunderstanding  about  the  character of your   spouse.  This  kind of   condition may  disturb you momentarily. But this may happen only if your individual chart  also justify it.

Capricorn:    Position of malefic on your speech house may compel you to be very much outspoken which may go to the limit of harshness.  Be careful in your speech.  You may get more than one sources to earn money which can be one of the reasons for you to be over-confident.  Luck will be in your favor if you deal with little caution.


Aquarius: You will be self-concerned during this period. This situation may create some issues with a spouse.  You may be reluctant to some of your decision and this may cause a further disturbance at home. This period is very much supportive to have news about the expansion of the family. People who belong to Occult Sciences or spirituality, they will achieve an advanced stage.

Pisces: This week will bring you a better situation in any condition.  You may dare to take a bigger step which you were not taking before.  Your partner will co-operate in your financial growth.  Mother can be the reason for your concern.  Accountants or software people will earn the name and fame in different forms. Overall a  good week  can be assured.

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