Astrology: 11th August – 17th August


Astrology: 11th August – 17th August

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to



This placement of your lord will help you to get your work done through High authority or Government. Children may provoke you to lose your temperament through their actions. You will continue with your effort to reach your destination. Wealth can be accumulated in this period, if tried. A good week can be on your way.



You may blame others for your mistake in this period. Your words can be full of sarcasm and enough to hurt others. Keep yourself abstain from indulging into any family matters. If you want to start or think about business or keeping pet, this is the apt condition to fulfil desire. Health of spouse may bother you



Taking less will work more in your sign in this period. Chances of entrapping yourself into your own words seem more. Jupiter is getting direct and this may be beneficial for you. Though you will have a feeling of pessimistic persona, your effort may not let others realize it. You may write a harsh mail to your boss. Be careful about such situation.



This period will make you feel melancholy. Every matter will be taken by heart and this may further disturb you emotionally. Students of this sign will perform well. At work, your words will be valued more. Your strategic working style will be appreciated at home as well as office. Try to avoid small issues with spouse otherwise it may turn into worse condition.



This week may bring you reason to spend money. You will feel relieved regarding mother, this had been a reason of concern for you for last few months. You will be more aggressive in your approach with spouse or partner in business. Be cautious about your gesture and attitude. You may involve in study or gaining any sort of knowledge.



You will be in good relationship with either your boss or teacher. There may be possibility of being more courageous in your role of day-to-day activities. You will put an extra and continuous effort to reach your goal.  Jupiter will be direct in this week, you can expect success in your venture eventually. A better week can be expected.


Libra: :

Your velour, determination and direction will help you to continue your journey towards your goal. Romantic life will also kick start for most of you in this week. But family members won’t be very happy with your behavior at home. Traders may have favorable dealings in this period. Good time for students can be predicted.



Time to get rid of self-created situation and refresh your life style. You will be too much concerned about your life partner and activities. This may bother you for without any reason. It will be difficult to control your tongue so it is suggested to ignore or avoid any communication. Stay calm to observe and then analysis should be done to maintain your dignity.



Planets are indicating you to be careful about health and eating habits as well. Financial aspect of life will be satisfactory but your level of desire would not be able to satisfy you. Those who have been suffering through disturbed married life, they may get legal notice about it. Though you are safe, situation will disturb you in this period.



This period is confusing you more about your goal and right movementin right direction. This is testing period for you to prove your strength at its best. Marital happiness will be at toss. New relationship can also be suspected to turn as dead end at last. Somehow, by the weekend you will be able to manage your temperament.



Temperamental issue may raise in this period more frequently. This may affect your work and position at workplace too. This is high time for self-retrospection. Bankers, Accountants or teachers have good time to prove their worth, if they manage the situation gently.



Your inclination towards spirituality and social work will be observed. You may have a sense of insecurity regarding relationship with sibling. Lack of inner happiness will be felt due to over thinking attitude in this period. You may have some disappointment with your children. Your wishes will be mostly fulfilled. But effect of Mars on your temperament may disturb your peace.

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