Astrology: 10th March-16th March


Astrology: 10th March-16th March

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to

Aries: Decision may be taken up in no time. Be careful. The possibility of being harsh with mother or motherly figure can be expected. Your desire to buy a new vehicle or planning to renovate home will be very high. News from children will glad you. Food should be consumed only after proper observation of ingredients as well as its hygiene.


Taurus: Extraordinary power for sportspersons of this sign will give benefits in this week. Constructively use of this period and courage will definitely give you an edge among your people. Opinion difference with father or teacher may be experienced. You will prefer isolation, especially in this period. Love affairs will also be in the toss. Stay awake and careful.


Gemini: Your focus will suddenly too much towards your work as well as your home and mother. You would like to spend time, money or whatever you can do the best to pacify these aspects of life. Your technique of reaching your people through your speech will definitely be appreciable. Your presence in public will be felt. Businesspersons of this sign will be more active and successful in this period.


Cancer: This week may give you a sense of relief, though it won’t significantly appear through any incident. Friends may create a disturbance. You will lack happiness through mother. The possibility of professional commitments, her health issue or any random reason may be the cause of her being away from you. God’s blessings will help you to go through all ups and downs easily.


Leo: Week will start with almost the same note as it was in last week, but by the weekend you will find yourself more calm and composed. Your will power and determination will support you to sail through several unwanted situations in this period. You will be more inclined towards donation and charity. Pessimistic thought will start moving out eventually. But seasonal ailments such as cold, flu etc. may attack you in this period.


Virgo: You will feel strong and more confident. This attitude may indirectly cause a disturbance with your spouse or partner. Those, who have been waiting for a job offer, if their running period will also support, then you can expect good news this week. The image in public of yours will improve. Businessmen can expect a better deal. Your belief in god and godly affairs will be more.


Libra: Week will begin with the same aggression and anger, obviously dispute will be experienced with partner or spouse due to your attitude. You will be very critical for silly things too, at the same time there won’t be hardly any filter in your expression of words. Stay careful. At work, you will be praised for having crystal clear idea and opinion about your work.


Scorpio: This planetary condition shows your win-win situation against opponents. But your disturbance also cannot be denied in the process. You will find it difficult to drag your relationship either it’s your spouse or your partner in this period. Wait and watch for hardly a couple of weeks to pacify this condition. Avoid taking any decision on your own, seek the help of any of your reliable person to give final nod for any major decision or delay for the time being.


Sagittarius: Isolation, enjoying your own company or feeling detached from the physical world, these are some of the major points of your life pattern in coming days. You need not be worried about the change found in you and your thought process. You will lack confidence in yourself and rely more on your partner in this period. Health needs your time and attention.
Capricorn: Thought related to Venus or worldly pleasure, marriage, a relationship will not give you a clear picture of your future. You need to just wait for a couple of weeks to feel or face the change in the situation around. Your work and worth will be felt at the workplace. If you try your hand in writing or any other mode of communication, you will definitely get success.


Aquarius: This planetary condition will add anxiety in your routine. You can expect loss or gains unexpectedly in this period. Keep yourself awake in your transactions or any matter related to money. Romance will have hardly any space in your life. Chances of transfer or changing of job can be expected. You may get involved in an illegitimate relationship which won’t last long.


Pisces: Your routine of life will be around your partner (spouse) or mother, it depends on your personal running period, whether this attention on them for good or bad reason. Forget past event or any unpleasant incident took place in your past. Your lord is helping you from every aspect of life and removing an obstacle from your way.

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